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  1. Seeking opinions on options for a new order

    That sounds really good. Hows the financing? (assuming you aren't paying cash)
  2. Confirmed: Tread Lightly Discount (Affiliate Rewards Program) Applies to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

    They also have banks, credit unions, insurance, etc. Looks like I have several memberships that are eligible.
  3. Confirmed: Tread Lightly Discount (Affiliate Rewards Program) Applies to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

    Interesting, but "Upload one document to prove that you are affiliated with organization that participates in the BonusDrive program."
  4. Why is my interior light on?

    New Jeep JLU owner (got it yesterday). Tonight, pulled in the garage, got out closed doors, locked it... and realized all of the interior lights are on. And they don't see to want to go off. Any ideas? Tech package and Alpine.
  5. Newbie questions (Softtop, noise, rain etc)

    Jeep showed up today! I did end up with the Sport S Ultimate in HellaYella w/ TechGroup (7"), automatic, LSD, Alpine premium audio and premium soft top, granite crystal wheels and 245/75R17 ATs although I was looking hard for a Willys or a manual. I did end up test driving one last weekend...
  6. Recommended Dealers List

    For an on-the-lot 2020: that plus excel. If you want 2021 try
  7. Recommended Dealers List Ask for the Jeep Sales manager, who is and ask him for the Koons deal (7% off invoice)
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    Assuming that is before any fees / TTL: That's 6.5% off sticker on a car that will be "last years model" in a couple weeks. You should be able to get another $2k off from the same car at one of the dealers mentioned here. Its a good deal if you have to have that color/option set and there is...
  9. Good Deals Right Now!

    I was told by these guys that the Internet Price is the best they can do It’s $22 off sticker....
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    This might be for ordering, but I contacted some of the dealers listed in Fl (Arrigo, Daytona) and the deals were a fewer bucks off MSRP and high financing. That would be more useful if it included contact info for the salesperson who could make those deals. As an aside, I keep running into...
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    I talked to mike and got good numbers: [email protected] Mike Clinnin Internet Manager Mall of GA CDJR I'm buying from these guys for numbers and lot availability: [email protected] / [email protected] Lakeland in Florida MinerSteve posted the other day: I am in central...
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    Hercules went on vacation last week, I've (and another forum member) been working with Mike the last few days. Hercules should be back now but probably swamped. Need ph# or emails for them?
  13. First Time Jeep Buyer - I don’t know what I’m doing

    Per Edmunds, residuals are national. That's for 36/12. Dealers are still receiving 2020s and 2021 doesn't have any significant changes.
  14. First Time Jeep Buyer - I don’t know what I’m doing

    >Right now residuals are high for Sport/SportS(69%), lower for Sahara/Rubicon (66%) and super high for Willys (76%). >If you order a 2021 and the residual is 56% when you pick it up, your lease might be $150+/mo higher than expected. A 56% residual when you were expecting 76% would mean you...
  15. First Time Jeep Buyer - I don’t know what I’m doing

    I'm getting a leased 2020 JLH early next week (my leased BMW goes back next Saturday, I've leased BMWs for 15 years) The three things you are negotiating on with the dealer are: purchase price (% off sticker), money factor increase, and dealer fees. Other things rolled in are origination fee...
  16. Recommended Dealers List

    That's who responded yes. They are not including their manual Willys in TreadLightly. You can order one of course.
  17. Newbie questions (Softtop, noise, rain etc)

    >> 1. Remember a Jeep is a truck with solid axles and does not drive like anything you have ever had. You are turning the hands of time back technology wise in the suspension workings. It will drift based on the “crown of the road” just a fact with solid axles. It will have more body roll then...
  18. Newbie questions (Softtop, noise, rain etc)

    Still hoping to hear about cabin leaks with the premium soft top, any cabin concern if it gets wet and if the Alpine system (with the 7" screen) has "Active Noise Canceling" I did find good interior pics of a similar one and see it does have power windows in the back. I think the kids will be...
  19. Newbie questions (Softtop, noise, rain etc)

    Carvana? The car vending machine people?