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  1. How Can We Help?

    Hi I’ve ordered part 68361956AA turn indicator for mirror . It doesn’t come with any wires . Is there a connector I can buy as I see a small square opening that will take a 2 pin connector. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated
  2. Added Mirror Turn Signals

    Did you ever find the connections
  3. Hide a wire

    Thanks for the info made the install seamless with all wires hidden in the channel and fished through the hard top to a quick connect.
  4. Hide a wire

    Thanks for the heads up . Just what I was looking for .
  5. Hide a wire

    Anyone know if the plastic channel on the back window is removable as I want to run a wire through there from the wiper motor housing.
  6. Will 285/70 R17 will fit on a 17” x 10” -12 offset rim with no rub?

    Hi all . Anyone know if 285/70 R17 will fit on a 17” x 10” -12 offset rim with no rub . It’s for a 2021 unlimited Rubicon with no lift . Thanks for your replies. Anyone running this setup?
  7. Windshield hood bumpers

    Hi all anyone replace the hood bumpers for the windshield. I know on the JK Vector made the UFOs to fill the hole .
  8. Dash Kit in Red?

    Nice setup . Thanks for the leads. Any issues with the 3M tape holding on ?
  9. Dash Kit in Red?

    I have the red dash now looking for trim pieces
  10. Dash Kit in Red?

    Looking for a dash kit in red . What and where did you order ? Thanks for your responses