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  1. Diabolical Slipstream Rattle

    It may take a little tweaking, but it works out well once you get it dialed in. I’ve stopped making them, but have a few sets worth just lying around if you can’t get it to work. I ended up post processing on my lathe to get rid of the seam and ensure consistency.
  2. Looking for Recommendations For Axle Re-Gear - Sacramento/No. California

    I had mine done at River City Differential. Both axles (labor + spicer gears) for ~$1400. Quality work and the best rates around.
  3. Cracked Windshield Club

    Got my gorilla glass windshield installed. They did try to charge me $900+ even though they said Allstate approved it. Ended up working out to just pay my deductible. So, I advise to double check with insurance and installer the out of pocket cost ahead of time.
  4. Lift/Spacer Recommendations for Looks LOL

    A spacer lift would be the most cost effective, but you may likely end up wanting to upgrade to a full lift kit in the future (that’s what I ended up doing). I have a 2” spacer lift for my 2018 Sahara collecting dust that I’d sell for super cheap if that’s the route you decide to go.
  5. Cracked Windshield Club

    No, not yet. It needed to be ordered. Hopefully will be installed next weekend. I’m not sure if GG has been made for the advanced safety group yet, but I haven’t heard anything. Guessing it’s in the works though.
  6. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    Most with the 2018 (8.4”) were just updated to version 22.61.0. I haven’t seen any other versions being mentioned. From my earlier post, since this is said to be 1 of 3, maybe the end goal is to get everyone up to 28.30 eventually but it needs go in order and not jump straight to the latest...
  7. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    I called Uconnect support in order to find out additional details for the software update. Unfortunately, they weren’t much help in providing details. This is strange since SOMEONE must know what is included... oh well. However, I was told that this is update 1 of 3. No timeline was given or...
  8. Cracked Windshield Club

    For what it’s worth, I filed a claim to replace my windshield yesterday. With the new Gorilla Glass version from Mopar out, I requested for them to install that one instead of OE. Just found out it was approved by my insurance and the windshield will be here in a week. So, for anyone with a...
  9. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    FWIW, I have the original Tazer JL plugged into the OBDII port and was able to get the update just fine. It may not work for others, but mine did.
  10. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    The message on mine said no map update. I’m hoping the issue is fixed where the screen kinda locks up after a short time off (getting gas). When I get back in it won’t let me switch screens using the bottom row menu ( carplay to radio or nav, etc.). It’s very annoying. Lol
  11. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    I got a prompt today to update update my uconnect software (8.4 screen if it makes a difference). Does anyone have details on what all they changed? The prompt said driver assistance functions, but I assume there are other things that are included. I’m hoping they worked out some other bugs but...
  12. Tire & wheel upgrade on 18 JLU Sport S with 6sp (Don't know what I don't know)

    I ran 35s with my 6sp and 3.45s for about a year. I rarely got out of 4th gear and it was pretty sluggish on acceleration. Mpg were in the 16-17 range. Just regeared to 4.56 and love it. 1st is a little short but I can be in 6th hitting incline and not need to downshift. Cruise at 70mph at...
  13. Rear seat belt noise when top down

    I love this idea. I typically would buckle in both belts and cinch it up. I like this better though.
  14. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Nice! Where is that at?
  15. Utah WTB: Stock Jeep JL Sport Parts

    I have Sahara springs, shocks, and front/rear plastic bumpers located in Sacramento, CA. It seems only the springs and shocks would be worth shipping if you’re interested... unless you’ll be in CA sometime. Lol
  16. Connecticut WTB: Air compressor

    I have a set of sahara shocks. About 15K miles when removed. I’m in California and can ship. Let me know if interested.
  17. Diabolical Slipstream Rattle

    Nope, no supports.
  18. Diabolical Slipstream Rattle
  19. Diabolical Slipstream Rattle

    Ender 3 pro with PETG (Overture). Do you use Fusion 360? I can upload those files too. That way you can tweak the dimensions from the native file.
  20. Diabolical Slipstream Rattle

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve been tweaking the model a little bit. Also, the clearance for the 4 wall pins is a lot tighter (at least on mine). I had to get a .2mm nozzle for my printer to make the walls thin enough. I’ll have it dialed in within a couple hours and upload.