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  1. Body Mount Bolt is loose and hanging

    Take your Jeep to a gynaecologist they have the right tools and are very experienced to work through small cavities to insert/extract something…
  2. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    My 2-door Rubicon next to a 2-door Sport
  3. Front Fender Flare to Fender Liner brace

    Why don’t you just fix it with a QBond plastic rebuilding kit? Or baking soda and super glue will also work
  4. Missouri 2020 Steel OEM Front Bumper & skid with LED’s

    I am interested but would you be willing to ship the bumper to South Africa. I will pay for the shipping fees. Let me know so I can pm you my physical address details.
  5. What's your height after lift

    I was 5.9" before the lift was installed and unfortunately I am still 5.9" after the installation.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I installed the ARB dual compressor. The compressor draws its power from the battery, the two positive wires from the compressor to the battery have 40A fuses already. The purple wire from the compressor does not draw 40A at all because it is simply a switch on a relay that closes the circuit...
  7. 2021 Willys Unlimited Mopar 2" Lift

    It is not a bolt interfering with the rear wheels. It is a nut, the nut installing the lift.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's lipstick for the side vents. You can buy lipstick from any Walmart store...
  9. 2021 Willys Unlimited Mopar 2" Lift

    Did the dealer say why it will not work with stock Willys wheels?
  10. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    I fixed mine using a plastic rebuilding glue kit (QBond). I made sure to reinforce the pivot points to make it more robust. The handle works fine.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I fixed 10 broken clips on the rear bumper. The stock bumper is prone to damage offroad and the plastic clips break easy. It is time for an aftermarket offroad bumper with better clearance, especially behind the rear wheels. But none of the aftermarket rear bumpers offer any protection from...
  12. Exhaust heat shield & over heating interior rear cargo area

    I have never experienced this issue on my 2-door Rubicon 3.6 perhaps the OP should share: What modifications he did Was he towing something on the road trip Was it hot/cold outside Was the HVAC on hot/cold for the trip Did Priyanka Chopra sit in the back?
  13. Mopar Rubicon Metal Rear Bumper

    Great, thank you!
  14. Mopar Rubicon Metal Rear Bumper

    I am considering buying the Mopar metal rear bumper but are not sure how the bumper corners will align with the fender flares. The right hand drive EAMA Rubicons do not have the high fenders. I will appreciate it if some can share pictures of the corners from someone that fitted the Mopar...
  15. ARB CKMTA24 air compressor cycling to fast

    Switch the compressor on but not the locker then spray soapy water on the diff breather and where the air line from the compressor goes into the diff. If soapy bubbles appear you have a leaking locker. Do the same test again but with the second test switch both the compressor and locker on...
  16. Under Hood Heat

    No need to get emotional and insulting. It is simple facts at play here. Let's say your engineer brother is correct that the hood insulation is only for noise reduction, we then have a problem to solve and that is; why does the "noise reducing" hood insulator material not show any signs of...
  17. Under Hood Heat

    Sorry, you are incorrect. I do not want to school you on thermodynamics (Heat, Radiation, Conduction). But, I will give you some clues; the difference between the paint on the hood and underneath the hood, the energy (Heat source) optimal operating temperature and the entropy of the material...
  18. Under Hood Heat

    It is completely normal for the engine bay to get hot, you should not be concerned about it. Removing the hood liner is not a very good idea. If you do, heat from the engine bay will be absorbed by the metal of the hood putting the hood paint at risk of deteriorating over time. The hood liner...
  19. Oil Catch Can and Blow-by

    I cannot explain it better than this: