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  1. Indiana Five BFG KO2 Tires and Wheels from 2021 JLUR

    Thanks for the offer. I'll be keeping them unless I am offered something very close to the asking price.
  2. Indiana Five BFG KO2 Tires and Wheels from 2021 JLUR

    Hi, The TPMS sensors were removed and installed in new wheels. I would consider meeting; but, scheduling would need to be a consideration. Jeff
  3. Don't marry a short girlfriend ...

    Hi Tod, My wife rode in our '71 Bronco for 10 years... finally said ENOUGH! We got our JL in March, and the only thing (besides the Jeep) that she said we had to buy was the RockSlide steps. It was only her request. We were at several events in Moab in the Bronco. On one trail, the...
  4. Indiana Rubicon Rock Rails - 4-Door - 2021 JL - Perfect Condition

    Hi, Yes, I still have them. Jeff
  5. Jeep Dog pics

    Hi Everyone, Here's my buddy, Sophie, leaving the vet yesterday. She's an awesome dog and an even better friend. Jeff
  6. Indiana 2021 JLUR Hardtop Diesel Take-Off Suspension Parts

    Hi Dave, I'd prefer to sell as a package; but, I haven't had any other interest. So, parting it out isn't out of the question. It may be later this weekend before I can get to the storage unit to record the part numbers. (If you need them sooner, I will try to make that happen.) Thanks, Jeff
  7. Indiana Five BFG KO2 Tires and Wheels from 2021 JLUR

    Hi Mar, Yes. They are still available. Thanks for asking. Jeff
  8. Death Wobble 2020 JL Sahara - Gonna be a gong show I can tell...

    Hey Everyone, It probably goes without saying; but, whenever suspension parts such as control arms and track bars are removed and reinstalled they should be torqued to spec in ride height... not on a frame lift or jack stands/floor jacks. Jeff
  9. Power steering pump overheating issue on 2020 Eco diesel.

    Hey Everyone, Well, after two weeks in Moab I did experience some steering issues. No overheating warning lights; but, the steering operation wasn't as smooth as before the trip. I've been cycling the steering and removing/replacing fluid in the reservoir in an attempt to get the fluid back up...
  10. Indiana 2021 JLUR Hardtop Diesel Take-Off Suspension Parts

    Hi, I have all of the take-off parts from our 2021 JLUR diesel hard top. Approximately 260 miles when removed. Attached pictures show all parts. (Note: Parts were placed carefully in the box just to save space.) Included: - Control Arms (Upper and Lower, Front and Rear) - Track Bars (Front...
  11. Indiana Rubicon Rock Rails - 4-Door - 2021 JL - Perfect Condition

    Hi, Bump for the rock rails. Jeff
  12. Indiana Five BFG KO2 Tires and Wheels from 2021 JLUR

    Hi, Selling the take-offs from our 2021 JLUR. Tires and wheels have about 260 miles on four, 0 miles on the spare. TPMS sensors are not included. Lug nuts and center caps for four of the wheels are included. Located in Indianapolis. Will post additional pics if there's anything in...
  13. Steering Stabilizer Orientation

    @Rhinebeck01, Thanks for the reply. The only question I still have is whether there would be any benefit to having that bump on the lowest side (at the bullet mount on the track bar), or if that makes any difference at all. Jeff
  14. Steering Stabilizer Orientation

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is a pic of the way the stabilizer is currently installed. This would match the factory install with the exception of the mount closest to the wheel (now attached to the axle) being at a higher elevation than the attachment point at the tie rod. Not trying to...
  15. Steering Stabilizer Orientation

    Hey Again, The stabilizer is now installed as I believe it is intended for the stock setup. But... now I am questioning why. With the Metal Cloak relocation kit that end of the stabilizer at the track bar axle bracket is higher than at the tie rod end. On the stock setup the end with the base...
  16. Steering Stabilizer Orientation

    Hi, That's the direction I headed. I'm curious about the "base cup" reference on the stabilizer. See attached pic. What is that referring to? I did a quick Google. Nothing really fit. I don't want to be in doubt. Thanks, Jeff
  17. Steering Stabilizer Orientation

    Hi Everyone, I recently installed a Metal Cloak steering stabilizer relocation kit, using the stock stabilizer, on the JL. After the install was finished we noticed the sticker on the stock stabilizer re facing front. (Picture attached.) The arrow is currently facing to the back. Does anyone...
  18. Cut Stock Tail Pipe

    Hi Ted, Thanks for the pic. Jeff
  19. Cut Stock Tail Pipe

    Hi Allen, Those are great pics. I couldn't remember if the tube was perfectly round, or if it had some kind of feature. I appreciate you taking the pictures and posting so quickly. The tool is supposed to arrive today. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. Thanks for your help. Jeff