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  1. Proposal of a cheaper variant of Wrangler without 4WD

    This idea is so bad. There is no benefit to Jeep/FCA and almost no market need. “FCA Should build a budget offering but they should make every premium option that will make it look like an extremely off-road capable Jeep also available.” Why? You don’t need leather, LEDs, a rubi hood or steel...
  2. Summer Shutdown Cancelled at Toledo Plant to Meet Wrangler Demand

    Has anyone ordered a 2021? Wondering if this means they’ll extend 2020 (to make up for lost sales) or if they already cut to 2021 production.
  3. Criswell customers

    @richardya Thanks for the info! I have Tread Lightly. Did you finance with them? What were their rates like? I have excellent credit and get get at least 3.75% locally.
  4. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    Criswell suddenly has a financing stipulation. Anyone actually finance through them and get a decent rate?
  5. Criswell customers

    Hello. I am looking to understand people’s out-of-state Criswell experiences. I am wondering if people that have bought from far out of state flew to Maryland? If so what’s the closest airport? Did you Uber from airport to the dealership? I haven’t placed an order yet, trying to understand...
  6. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    What is the mid- bolster? I’ve heard the term but never quite sure what it refers to. Thanks!
  7. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    I believe order opened this month. April is my personal waiting period. I have a few things up in the air, including the possibility of making a long distance move. If I don’t move, late April delivery date ensures I get through snow/salt season in the northeast so that I can receive it and...
  8. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    Great video! Utah right? I have got to get out there, looks so fun. I'm definitely excited for the e-torque and the overall Recon package. I'm ready, just waiting for April to place my order.
  9. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    Yes! The easiest and most inexpensive fix one could make. Still excited about the overall package.
  10. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    I will most likely order a recon, but not liking the new decals as much after seeing them all outlined in red. Would look great on a Red Jeep, but on Sting-gray it's just hurting my eyes.
  11. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    Entered! I would put a lift and larger tires. For me the Gladiator always looks better with those.
  12. Hitch lock seized up!! Any ideas?!

    Definitely try something strong than wd40: Look for CRC Knock’er Loose at any automotive store. Get the aerosol with straw to spray into the mechanism and let it sit a few hours or over night. Helped me with a hitch lock in the past.
  13. Thank you, Leon Travis...

    Thank you @todds89 !!
  14. Thank you, Leon Travis...

    Can somebody provide Leon's email address? Thanks!
  15. JL Rubicon Recon Now Online

    This is the best summary of features and value I've seen. @misanthrope Thanks for posting.
  16. JL Rubicon Recon Now Online

    Also the leather wrapped dash if you consider that an upgrade. I like it.
  17. JL Rubicon Recon Now Online

    I'm seriously considering one of these because I was going to purchase the options it includes anyway, but really dislike the black grill. Anybody know if you can color match that with the dealer?
  18. Here's the NEW 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition

    Anyone notice the leather wrapped passenger dash as opposed to red plastic? Not sure if there is a proper name for it. I just spied it when playing with the build tool. Has that been available on any other models?
  19. Made my decision...

    I find they can be ugly stock but some larger tires and a lift and they really look a lot better in my opinion.