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  1. Metal cloak 2.5 lift Toyo MT HARD pull right.

    Are you a super heavyweight? But that would cause a pull to left, right?
  2. Foolish salesperson

    Lot's of posts about people looking for the very best price to be found. That mindset doesn't lead to good service within the industry.
  3. No Garage - Is the 4xe still a good option?

    You just have to decide what your usage is going to be and the reason for your purchase. Based on your post, I'm assuming it's important to you to minimize your gasoline consumption - not buying the 4xe for the electric boost. So what's your usage. If it's something where you only leave the...
  4. Pinch seam plug

    Thanks a bunch. I'll order a set!
  5. Pinch seam plug

    Any suggestions on what to use to plug the holes near the pinch seams when using after market sliders? My Jeep is white and the exposed holes really stand out.
  6. 4xe lift worries

    With all of these posts about issues with the springs and limited lift for a Rubicon 4xe, I think I'm going a different route for my lift. May cost a few $'s and not have the benefits of Mopar warranty but I still think true aftermarket may be best.
  7. North Carolina Sold: FREE. Front plastic bumper, Rubicon bash plate. Pick up only Lake Norman area

    From a 2021 Rubicon 4xe. I just installed a new front bumper so take-offs are available. Fog lights and related wiring harness not included as I used them on new bumper.
  8. 4xe Rubicon Off-Road In Electric Mode

    I'm in Colorado in a rental with the etorque engine. Have a 4xe at home. We took the rental on some easy trails and when going up any steep, relatively long hills the engine started making a very loud noise. At first I thought it was an airplane flying over. I'm not familiar with this engine...
  9. All electric range question

    We've had ours (Rubicon) about 1.5 months. Wife drives it to work every day. She's seeing 24-25 consistently. We live in a rural, hilly area. A couple of these miles are in town.
  10. 37's and 33's interchangeability

    That's honestly what I'll do if there's some unforeseen issue of running 33's with a 37 set up - handling mainly. I'd think the alignment would be fine. I'd rather just have the 37's if my plan will work. Likely would never need the 37s as compared to 35s or 33s for that matter. But I'd...
  11. 37's and 33's interchangeability

    I've got a 4xe JLUR. I plan to lift and get a set of 37's on new wheels. Plan on them being used in the summer. Will put 33's on in the winter. We'll be living in Colorado mountains so want the stock 33's for winter use. Other than the 33's looking a bit funny with the lift, would there be...
  12. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    It is a very short range, but I just wanted the extra hybrid power on the passes and the immediate torque for when off-road. I'm optimistic that I'll love the instant torque.
  13. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    I ended up going with the 4xe also - for the same reasons you state.
  14. Can a dealer add 10k above sticker?

    Not true. Manufacturers can set pricing limits. If a retailer/dealership brakes the franchise agreement, the manufacturer can essentially pull their franchise. Well I guess you are technically correct, they can sell for whatever they want - it's just they risk loosing their supply of...
  15. Can a dealer add 10k above sticker?

    Probably true for FCA, but would depend on the specific manufacturer and franchise agreement. It's not as simple as a dealer can sell it for whatever price they want in many cases.
  16. Why does Max Regen feel like I am towing a trailer

    I only notice the friction feel when I take foot off the accelerator. I can't tell any difference while driving down road at 55 with max regen on or off. I can clearly tell when the resistance turns on. I'll barely depress the accelerator just to make sure it doesn't start "braking" sometimes...
  17. Blue accented wheels

    We've got a white 4xe and intend to get a lift. Going to run 37's in the summer and put stock 33's on for winter. Would like to add a little flare for the summer set up. So does anyone know of any wider wheels with blue accents that would match our Jeeps.
  18. Hybrid vs electric mode - what's the real difference

    Thanks a bunch. That one should be a sticky. I tried to search but apparently used the wrong key words.
  19. Hybrid vs electric mode - what's the real difference

    May be a dumb question, but I'd still like to ask. The dealership gave me what I consider a BS answer essentially reading the words on the mode buttons. I'm assuming in hybrid the ICE kicks in sooner than in electric. However, while driving I can't tell much of a difference at all. If I...