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  1. No one will admit it, but here goes.....

    Gotta do what ya gotta do! Enjoy the Jeep!! In my area, most had “market adjustments” that took my Willys sport’s 2dr MSRP from $36,225 to a new $40,225 before dealer fees, TTL, etc. I was going to be looking at $41,000+ OTD. If my local dealer would have offered MSRP I probably would have...
  2. Saw my first Bronco sport today. Not impressed.

    Girlfriend was shopping for a new car about 6 months ago. Coming from a 16 Crosstrek, she wanted more power but otherwise, she really didn’t know what she wanted and so we saw a bronco sport, rav 4, trailblazer, 21 Crosstrek (2.5), and 4Runner. I was really excited to see one myself and on...
  3. 5 inch uconnect

    Pretty disheartening… I opted for the 5” seeing as I found that most reported issues with the 7”/8” ones… I am definitely curious as to how this plays out for you but sorry to hear about the issue with the product AND the issue with the dealership.
  4. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Thanks JRA! 👍 Used this advice as it’s not too far from Albuquerque. Certainty was worth it! Order placed… How is everyone keeping busy while you wait for deliveries? Haha
  5. it's been 1 year with the jl.

    Let’s just say I am not expecting to be troubled by wind noise :CWL: and I fully expect it should be my favorite 4wheeled vehicle at least. Current DailyDriver… And just like that, cargo space on the 2dr seems phenomenal! 👍
  6. it's been 1 year with the jl.

    Old post but relevant! Thanks for the feedback, cosine! Planning on doing about the same thing, sans auto transmission. Overall looking to buy my first Chrysler in many years. I have really felt that these products have been lacking in reliability but I NEED to be able to off road on moderate...
  7. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Sam, I think this is a brilliant topic. In many cases, I agree with you. Market value is market value and that is to be expected. I recently sold a Subaru to start the process before I could even think about shopping for a Jeep and I certainly did not sell it to the first (and lowest) offer I...
  8. MSPR for a new Order Question

    Oh yea it was! Thankfully this is the beginning of my new car purchase. i plan to have one built. I have other dealers in the area workin on quotes and fully intend to at least use the Tread Lightly FCA affiliate program. I will be steering clear of the dealer I visited yesterday 👍
  9. If You're Getting Owned at The Dealership, You're Not Alone

    Sounds about right… thanks for the share here! Hold on for the ride, shop around and around and further around… and maybe 🙏 a bit?
  10. MSPR for a new Order Question

    Looking to by my first Jeep, Willys Sport 2dr, I got a quote today at 11% above MSRP… “market adjustment” BS. Seems like you got some decent pricing as far as I can tell…
  11. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Looking to by a Willys Sport 2dr (my potential first new 4 wheeled rig). Pretty basic with AC and hard top. Got my first quote at LHMiller Albuquerque, NM…. 11% above MSRP… I believe they mentioned this is the “Market Adjustment”… :headbang::headbang::headbang: maybe I will stick to...