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  1. Florida Jl rubicon steel rear bumper for sale

    Jl Jeep rear rubicon factory steel bumper for sale $200
  2. Florida Afe rebel axle back exhaust for sale

    Afe black rebel axle back exhaust, low miles great shape $375 In the tampa Bay Area
  3. Leaving "note" for Jeep Technician

    I had a friend help me put the ACS rails on, very easy install so the Tec should have no problems putting them on. They are awesome by the way, you will love them !
  4. Rubicon Take Offs Worth It?

    Well for the Rubi suspension it depends on what springs you get And that will change how much lift you get. I just picked up springs off a Rubi with hardtop, steel bumpers, and towing package so I should get a decent amount of lift. I Paid $175 and I’ve been looking for $100 Rubi suspension for...
  5. Florida JLUR Stock Front Bumper (plastic)

    I’m interested in the bumper, I live in Tampa
  6. Florida For Sale - New Borla Dual Exhaust | S-Type 11956CB | JL-JLU

    Is this exhaust still for sale ?
  7. Georgia JLUR Rear Plastic Bumper - SOLD

    Would you ship the bumper if I paid for shipping ?
  8. Need Help-33s no lift on 2018 4 door

    If your on a budget just get some rubicon take offs! 33” tires fit no problem and you can get all 5 tires and rims for 1000-1200$ check out the member marketplace here and your local craigslist
  9. Florida Willys Black Grill for sale $175

    What part of florida are you in ?
  10. Hard top wind noise

    You can move the latch around when the bolts are loose to tweak the positioning of the latch, this helped me line up the two freedom panels better. I had to try several times to get it lined up.
  11. Hard top wind noise

    I adjusted the hardware in the front of the freedom panels and it helped out. There are two hold down in the front center that adjust up and down. I put them all the way down to pull the panels farther down when you flip the handles over. I also played with the latch mechanism where the latch...
  12. 2018 models cheap!

    Just curios what do you not like about your 2.0 turbo?
  13. Florida JLUR rock rail take offs, central Florida

    I’m int I’m interested if these are still available Joe (813)728-6871
  14. 2018 models cheap!

    Well I was happy with 22% of msrp with no dealer fee even with it being a 2018. 12% off a 2020 is a good deal too but I used the extra saving to buy rubicon take offs and side steps!
  15. 2018 models cheap!

    They will advertise those prices but usually your can’t actually buy for that price, they tack on all the incentives and you usually don’t qualify for all of them then add in dealer fees on top , but if you can get that deal on a 2020 that’s a really great deal
  16. 2018 models cheap!

    Here in FL there is alway a dealer fee of $800-$1000 at every dealer and this is the only dealer I’ve seen not to add that in so almost $9,500 under sticker without the $1000 dealer fee added on. They did have mine listed for $32,000 but with the trade allowance they added more back in the price...
  17. 2018 models cheap!

    1,000 off for financing through them and 2,00 off trade allowance. The Jeep I bought stickered for $42,470 and I got it for 33,000 with no dealer fees and they gave me 500 over Kelly blue book for my car. I will refinance after a couple months So as always not as good as advertised but very...
  18. New Hard top wind noise

    My soft top was actually very quite, I traded for a hard top and its Very loud! So it has to be something with the hard top or the adjustments
  19. New Hard top wind noise

    I just traded my soft top for a hard top and the wind noise is really loud. The premium soft top was fairly quite. We put it on in a hurry without doing any adjustments so I was wondering what I can do to reduce the wind noise?