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  1. Status of Cranking 4xe in extremes of temperature

    It was 98F in Murrieta, CA and my 4xe started as normal for my drive around town, no issues. When I got back home one or more of the cooling systems kicked on, when I turned the Jeep off, for about five minutes.
  2. 4xe Hill/Mountain Pass Performance

    It was easy. The 4xe basically drives itself. It shifts smoothly going up and down the hills, even the steepest one that I drove (28 grade I think). When it comes to a steep uphill it will downshift pretty smoothly unless you gun it, in which case it’ll downshift pretty firmly and send you into...
  3. 4xe Hill/Mountain Pass Performance

    100% correct lol. Sometimes I mix it up and go through Pala - I enjoy driving. Even if the trip takes longer, I love moving and not being stuck in traffic.
  4. 4xe Hill/Mountain Pass Performance

    I live in the French valley area (Temecula, Murrieta) of SoCal and take mountain roads to and from work for the view and to not get in gridlock. I will pay more attention to the tach tomorrow on my commute but I SKL tell you that I’ve had no issues whatsoever with power loss or sluggishness...
  5. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    I love Sting Gray, I wanted it on my JT so bad but couldn’t find one at my price point when I was buying. This color is amazing.
  6. California 4XE Ordering

    Yeah this is my first time ordering a build like this too. All I can say is that I’m very glad I wasn’t depending on this Jeep showing up at a certain date.
  7. California 4XE Ordering

    I ordered on 1/25. The last I spoke with Jeep Chat they gave me a window from like 4/7-4/21 so it arrived about in the middle.
  8. California 4XE Ordering

    There are a few other 4xe’s you can see in the picture - maybe one is yours.
  9. California 4XE Ordering

    Mine showed up to Tuttle Click yesterday, I’ll be taking delivery tomorrow.
  10. Any concern of spilling food in back seat (on top of PHEV)

    This is a rule in my family. The kids only get water in my vehicles, no food at all - although even that may get reworked when there’s a massive power source under their butts lol
  11. Need a 4xE VIN or a specific part#

    Just go to and pick a random one To clarify - look for Jeeps listed with 0 doors, click the link of the “nickname” and click the build sheet if it shows up as found. It’ll have the VIN there.
  12. 4xe Color Match/Black Top Swap Thread

    I ordered mine with soft top only. Posting here because I wanted the black hard top but it was unavailable when I ordered - in case anyone wants to sell a black hard top.
  13. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    I’m well aware, I only need it to be decently better than what I’m currently getting as I have about 60 miles of commuting to do every day. Not worried about charging either as I don’t plan on running strictly electric often - I have a lot of hills to drive on so I’ll need as much of that torque...
  14. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    It’s actually cheaper to buy gas at Sam’s by about 35-40¢/gallon. Base gas reflects pretty close to out in town these days.
  15. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    I’m a mileage/efficiency fan and the increase, even if it doesn’t equal a true 50MPGe when it’s delivered, will surely be better than my current daily driver Jeep (JT Sport S/18.4MPG) and definitely better than my toy Jeep (TJ/12MPG downhill). I normally wouldn’t care about fuel economy but I’m...
  16. 4xe battery won't charge when the hood is open.

    The reference there is for your thread title.
  17. Remove Hood Decals? Am I crazy?

    I’m a big no sticker guy, but I like the large decal on the hood. I’m not crazy about the “Rubicon” hood lettering though, I haven’t liked those since they came about on the TJs. I will probably remove them when my 4XE shows up.
  18. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    I put my order in today, well, it will be completed on Monday. But I gave my deposit payment info so that it can be processed on Monday. For other California-based buyers, I am submitting for the CVAP and hoping I can either slip through the cracks and get approval, or they change their policy...