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  1. Anyone running 37x12.5 Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires?

    I love them. I use them for daily driving, going 85mph on the interstate, and aired down on some of the most difficult trails in Moab. They are perfect for me, and I'll buy them again when these wear out, though they seem to be holding up extremely well.
  2. So….what’s going on here?

    This is the front passenger side. Same thing on the driver’s side. What is this piece? Should it just spin freely like this?
  3. Recommendations For Inner Fenders

    Hey folks - I’m in need of metal inner fenders for my 2021 JLU. Does anyone have recommendations for manufacturers?
  4. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    How do you turn it all back on when you finish a trail and want to head back to camp/home/whatever? Restart the car?
  5. 2021 JLU Rubicon Before and After pics

    Not at all, man, I love it. Moab is 10 hours from here, and it went down the highway at 80mph with zero issues. Then we banged it around on rocks all weekend, turned around, and drove it home. When it's not offroad, my wife daily drives it and loves it for that, too. It's perfect for my needs.
  6. Quick Video of Moab Action from last weekend

    Hi folks! I'm not a professional YouTuber - my channel isn't monetized - I think I have 15 subscribers and most of them are my family. My point is, I made this video purely for fun and to share with people that might enjoy the footage. Hope you like it!
  7. 2021 JLU Rubicon Before and After pics

    Nope. And it runs great. I just wheeled it a bunch in Moab last week and had zero issues. It's a great setup!
  8. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Just throwing my name into the ring so I can follow this thread and maybe contribute. I’ve got a 2021 JLUR, 2.0, automatic. Been “grinding” since the first time it went into 4Lo.
  9. Texas Brand New Gobi Foxwing/Batwing/Bundutec Awning Brackets Triple Support Kit

    I ordered this awning bracket kit for my Gobi rack, but I no longer have the rack. These brackets are brand new - I haven't even opened the box yet. From the Gobi website (here): The GOBI Jeep Wrangler Foxwing Awning Brackets, designed for quick and easy access to retractable side awnings. The...
  10. California For Sale: Gobi JLU STEALTH RACK· Multi-Light/ 50″ LED Setup. San Diego

    It has not shipped yet. If you want, I can just call them and see if they will change the shipping and billing directly to you. I'll DM you with my phone number - that might be easier.
  11. Tailgate Brawlee LED light

    I just ordered this same switch for my install. Looks like it has three wires - black, red, white. So, do I connect the black to ground, red to the supply (cigarette lighter), and white to the Brawlee light? Thanks!
  12. California For Sale: Gobi JLU STEALTH RACK· Multi-Light/ 50″ LED Setup. San Diego

    I have one that is about to be delivered from Gobi. I'm going to sell it as soon as it arrives because I just don't need it anymore. Order to delivery time is around 6 months - I've moved on.
  13. Anyone running 37x12.5 Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires?

    I'm trying to dial in my tire pressure for daily driving and wondering if anyone has any recommendations that are working for them. I'm running 32psi cold right now. I don't get on the highway much, but I'm planning a trip to Moab in a couple of weeks, and that's about 10 hours of 70mph. Should...
  14. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Yes sir - it's the JCR Offroad Overhead Molle Panel. Super easy install. My GMRS radio is now attached to it. Great accessory.
  15. Am I overthinking this?

    Hey guys - I just put 37” tires on my JLU and also bought a Tazer to recalibrate the speedometer. The 37” procomps actually measure 36” with the weight of the Jeep on them. I’m assuming the diameter is more than 36” WITHOUT the weight of the vehicle. The Tazer can get VERY specific with tire...
  16. Can I do this?

    Hi guys. I just replaced my factory bumper with the Motobilt Crusher front bumper. The crusher doesn’t have a place for the factory fog lights, but I’m wondering if I can just wire some lights to the wiring harness that goes to the factory lights so they work off the factory switch. Hope that...
  17. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Hi folks - New member of the Sarge Green club here!