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  1. An old but insightful Brake Lock Differential blog for newbies

    I had a Deere mower with a differential lock foot button; you could vary foot pressure on it for varying amounts of lockup (I assume it was clutch-based). No computer wizardry, but a really easy/intuitive way to maintain traction on slippery slopes without having to manually engage/disengage a...
  2. Unheard of Incentive Currently Available

    I think it will drop to 'normal' for a truck/SUV. I.e. full-size pickup levels. The Wrangler used to depreciate at least 30% slower than the F-150, but Ford has always produced F150s like crazy and offered crazy discounts/incentives, like we're starting to see with the JL. Even the...
  3. Unheard of Incentive Currently Available

    The Wrangler's legendary resale value is going to be toast with the JL. They are making too many, demand is softening, and now they are piling cash on the hood.
  4. First look at the Jeep Wrangler 4XE hybrid electric PHEV in the flesh!

    I predict this will be the fastest-depreciating Wrangler trim ever. I love the concept of PHEVs, but they never make sense from a financial perspective unless you expect to drive them until the wheels falls off; which will happen sooner than you think on a vehicle that combines the failure...
  5. Nevermind, nothing to see here.

    It's all academic, since transaction prices seem to only be going down. Might be a good time to lease (certain trims), since discounts are crazy but lease residuals are as high as ever. With the glut of Wranglers on dealer lots and this heavy discounting, I don't think 'real-world' residuals...
  6. Official EPA Fuel Economy For 2020 Jeep Wrangler Ecodiesel: 22/29/25 MPG

    I never mentioned a thing about political ideologies; you're just projecting your own insecurity there. There is nothing 'liberal' about my ideology anyway; I am firmly libertarian on every 'Political Compass' test I've ever taken (as are you, if I had to guess). I believe people should be able...
  7. Official EPA Fuel Economy For 2020 Jeep Wrangler Ecodiesel: 22/29/25 MPG

    According to this pretty credible study, almost 400k people per year are killed prematurely due to diesel emissions (from older engines that lack a DPF): That's fine if you 'don't care', but other folks might care about their...
  8. Official EPA Fuel Economy For 2020 Jeep Wrangler Ecodiesel: 22/29/25 MPG

    Then you'll find yourself sucking soot any time you are 'wheelin'. Diesel soot is a carcinogen, not to mention just being nasty to smell/breathe. Although particulates from DI gas engines are potentially even more dangerous, and the U.S.-spec 2.0L has no particulate filter. The 3.6, being...
  9. Official EPA Fuel Economy For 2020 Jeep Wrangler Ecodiesel: 22/29/25 MPG

    Good luck to anyone that buys one of these. Sticking a problem-plagued Italian diesel into a FCA-engineered vehicle that has to be CA emissions compliant sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I had a Touareg TDI, so I can see the appeal of monster torque+range, but modern diesel emissions...
  10. Spotted 6 door Wrangler JL

    If I ever see a 6x6 Wrangler on the highway, I'd giving it a wide berth. Mo' axles, mo' death wobble.
  11. EZTrunk looks interesting

    According to 0:23 in the video, usage of this product gets you blow-darted in the shoulder.
  12. 4WD in reverse different?

    I've had problems climbing our steep driveway when it's snowy/icy with all types of drivetrains and even winter tires. I find the key is momentum; get a running start and keep the tires moving, but not so fast they spin and create ice. Once you stop, you often end up slipping backwards no matter...
  13. 2020 JLU. 4WD operation.

    If you want to be moving, but are not moving, shift into 4H until you are moving. Otherwise, stay in 2H.
  14. De-modernizing the JL/JLU

    I wonder how much overlap there is between the 'Vespa Owners' and 'Deere Tractor Owners' Venn Diagram. My grandfather was a beef cattle farmer with at least a half-dozen tractors, but he also owned a Miata and a Peugeot sedan. I am 100% positive no one else on the planet could claim that garage.
  15. De-modernizing the JL/JLU

    The internal combustion engine is too unproven, you really need to stick to this tried-and-true 2.00 Horsepower, military-inspired off-road vehicle: Look at that ground clearance! And the crawl ratio!
  16. Question about Traction Control and BLD

    Under-rated, but also nothing special. Every new passenger auto sold in the U.S. this millennium has some form of brake-based traction control. It's cool that the Wrangler has different programming depending on transfer case setting, but that's also been common on 4x4s for a long time. The...
  17. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    Which is why crossovers are inferior to minivans. Sliding doors are AWESOME; I wish every vehicle had them. You get full entry while only requiring like 8 inches of clearance to the side. Regular doors with kids are a nightmare in parking lots, because kids don't understand that slamming the...
  18. MOPAR Aftermarket Proximity Lock Install

    You must not be frequently loading crap in and out of your vehicle. With 2 kids and a slew of gear-centric hobbies, both of my arms are usually full every time I am approaching or leaving my vehicle. I rely on the proximity locks way more than I thought I would before I had the feature.
  19. JL envy or set in their ways

    Well, it isn't a practical vehicle, it's not affordable, and it's not a utility vehicle (yeah, it's good off road, but so are UTVs that cost less than half as much as a Wrangler). So if it's not an "image vehicle", it's a 'toy'. There are plenty of 'BMW people' that take their modified E36 M3 to...
  20. JL envy or set in their ways

    The Wrangler is above all else an "image" vehicle, so it's generally bought by people concerned about their "image", and thus insecure about their "image". I think that's all you are witnessing.