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  1. Help planning a trip to Moab summer of 2022

    You both drive a Rubicon but want easy trails to drive so you can get experience for your son in law. I understand that you guys never Rock Crawled and are worried. You both have a vehicle that surpasses your ability to drive them. That Rubicon is going to surprise you with what it can do...
  2. Florida Roll Call!

    Just got back from NC and ran the Dickey Bell BOH Trail. Spent a few nights at the Biden Lake campground. Both the Trail Head and the campground were very difficult to locate. Trail is marked with a 4 inch red diamond shaped plate with a 91 spray painted on it. very difficult to spot. Once...
  3. Florida 5 Rubi takeoff tires and wheels

    they are still available, one other person just asked about them too so whoever gets to them first
  4. Florida Roll Call!

    Wife and I are planning on doing a run to Colorado for 4 days and to Moab for about 8 days. We plan on doing it in September of 2022. This Thanksgiving week we will be hitting Windrock Tenn. and Beasely knob Ga. for a few trail runs.
  5. Florida 5 Rubi takeoff tires and wheels

    I do, sorry haven't been logged in and missed your response
  6. Florida Roll Call!

    Elephant hill is my all time favorite also. Didn't find it as difficult as they say but the scenery is awesome
  7. Moab/Ouray trip coming up as newbee ....... advice wanted

    Your probably right about them being Rentals don't let that ruin your trip.
  8. Moab/Ouray trip coming up as newbee ....... advice wanted

    While in MOAB you can air down to 18 lbs and drive on it the whole time your there. you can drive the hwy at speeds up to 60 mph. you can easily drive to and from your hotel to trailhead, trailhead to trailhead and on the trails with 18 lbs. On the trails you plan to do, you wont need to drop...
  9. Florida 5 Rubi takeoff tires and wheels

    Still available, 5, 2019 Rubi take off tires and wheels with lug nuts. 10K miles. The spare has never been used. No TPMS sensors. Jacksonville area. Asking $900.
  10. Need trail suggestions for a family vacation (Grand Canyon/Moab)

    Your gonna have a great time. go with what you planned. and adjust for future trips. Off Road trails in Moab for something scenic and simple would be Schaffer and potash, Long Canyon and onion creek. 4H all the way. If you have kids with you then you can find dino track and bones on Mill...
  11. Need trail suggestions for a family vacation (Grand Canyon/Moab)

    I think it all depends on where you are staying and what your road trip schedule looks like. we would travel from Vegas and stop in Williams AZ. Stay at the Red Garter and have dinner at Cruisers. In the morning we would drive up to the canyon and swing right along the south rim and hit the...
  12. Need trail suggestions for a family vacation (Grand Canyon/Moab)

    My recommendation is Not to spend much time at the Grand Canyon. Hit the south rim road and head east. stop at the overlooks and have lunch half way through then continue on to Moab. once you get to Moab and hit those trails, you may wish you skipped the GC and spent more time in Utah, But i...
  13. Need trail suggestions for a family vacation (Grand Canyon/Moab)

    Definitely get these 3 Funtrek books, Arizona, Colorado, Utah.
  14. Towing a Camper Cross-Country with a JLU

    If I keep my speed between 60-65 mph on the interstate I will get 10 MPGs I tow a Geopro 15tb and I use a sway bar which is a big help. It tows great.
  15. Moab Last week 5/9/21 RAZOR Mania!

    I was in Moab from the 9th to the 24th of may and was told that they had a rally for the RZR's and side by sides going on.
  16. Headed West again in May

    Plans are always subject to change and we are still 3 months away. I don't have a crystal ball but I do have a phone number to call for local colorado trail openings and conditions so it not like I'm just driving there blind. I never count out any possibility. Thanks for everyone's concerns but...
  17. Headed West again in May

    Yes I'd like to do a couple colorado passes in may, I understand that the colorado mountain passes are subject to weather permitting conditions so the side trip from Moab would be worth it if they are open. It's not really that far. The BOH app says engineer pass is open May-June and Ophir...
  18. Headed West again in May

    Leaving Florida and headed west, 3-23 May. Will aim for Sedona on the 6/7, Moab 8-18, while in Moab we will Hit a few trails to include Steel Bender and Cliff Hanger then take a side trip into Colorado and do Ophir and Engineer passes. We will leave Utah on the 19th and head home. We have...