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  1. Any other guys ordering Tuscadero?

    Placing an order for a Tuscadero tomorrow. Some of my buddies are already busting my stones; I can't wait to have something even more obnoxious than my Ocean Blue Rubi parked on the streets of Boston :LOL:
  2. Tuscadero added to 2021 Jeep Wrangler configurator; Granite, Snazzberry, and others removed

    Confirmed by three dealers in the last week for me. I was told ~ mid-Nov today by Criswell. Tuscadero is still available.

    I did not see this in the manual, but I have the same issue (sans bass dropping) only after a warranty fix on the sun visor panel. Dealer said "we can't replicate it" when it was in for another issue. Interestingly, after getting an insurance repair done on the driver's front suspension, the...
  4. MA group events

    Concur with Moreace!
  5. Massachusetts MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 19428

    MagnaFlow Rock Crawler Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 19428. Bought new for $566 in October, and recently going back to stock for a little while. Great exhaust, very simple install. About 2,000 miles on it, but the warm/cold New England winter has started a good deal of surface...

    It's the first "click" on the headlight knob.
  7. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    1) THANKS for the videos in the OP. Great stuff, orientation of the videos be damned. 2) So effectively, the Pulsar (pre-v4) will pay for itself in ~20k miles...?
  8. Connecticut Flowmaster Force II Dual Axle Back Exhaust FOR SALE!!

    How is the drone around 3k RPMs?
  9. New Jersey Borla S-Type Climber Exhaust for 3.6L JLU

    Any chance you could meet me halfway? I'm in Boston - anywhere in CT would be a compromise...
  10. MA group events

    I'm in!
  11. DIY interior ski "hangar"

    I saw a post on here sometime in the last year from a member who made a DIY hangar which effectively suspended his skis from the roll cage of his JLU. Now that I'm wanting to replicate the "system," I can't find the thread to save my life. Can anyone best my search skills??
  12. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    Installed mine last weekend. Not life-changing, but worth the price to make a quieter ride on the highway for sure.
  13. Massachusetts Sold: Four Rubicon wheels and BFG KO2 tires with TPMS

    Four 2020 Rubicon wheels and BF Goodrich KO2 285/70R17 tires with factory TPMS. Three tires have 10,087 miles on it; one has 85 miles on it. Asking $800. Located in Boston, but am willing to meet you somewhere within a reasonable distance. Apparently I'm an idiot and forgot to take a photo of...
  14. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    Because it’s a weekend...
  15. Stock Rubicon wheels & tires on a Sport S worth it?

    I just paid $700 for Sahara 18's with 35" KO2's with 10k miles on them and no TPMS, so that price sounds fair if it's with TPMS.
  16. Muffler delete

    I partially melted by storage box (JLU).
  17. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    @Hothead Headliners , is there a minimum temp at which to install the Velcro? Understand that the video recommended heating the Velcro and using the adhesion promoter...but is that futile below X degrees?