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  1. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    Wow, there really are some nice Jeeps in this thread. I can say with certainty that all of my Jeeps have been fun and I don't have any regrets about buying any of them. The only Jeep I miss selling is my 2 door JK. I guess it's because I had the most memories with that one. Now that I'm back in...
  2. California Heavily Modified 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JLUR)

    Thanks for the compliment on the build. As for the brakes, I'm not impressed with them, especially for the money. My other Jeep has the Dynatrac kit and they are quite a bit better and cost waaayyyy less. On-road the Baer brakes are fine and definitely an improvement over stock. Offroad is...
  3. California Heavily Modified 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JLUR)

    I didn't notice any changes with the TBS done. But my Jeep's steering has always been fine. I'm not selling anything separately and I'm not sure if that's how the Tazer works. I imagine it's not the case, but I don't know for sure.
  4. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!!

    You may be right, but the F150 is the top-selling vehicle in America, and the numbers far exceed that of the Wrangler. I honestly think that plays a huge role in the Raptors' demand. I'm curious to see how far FCA can push the price of a Jeep up. I'll admit, I'm interested in the 392 but not at...
  5. California Sold: Heavily Modified 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JLUR)

    Up for sale is my 2019 JLUR with the 2.0l Turbo (with e-torque). The Jeep only has 12800 miles on it and has almost every factory option available. I'm the second owner of this Jeep, but I purchased it from a close friend so I've known the Jeep since new. No expense has been spared on this...
  6. Favorite Diff skids?

    Yeah, poor choice of words on my part. I just mean the rear diff gets stuck on rocks more than without it.
  7. Favorite Diff skids?

    I have the Rancho plate on the front diff and the Metal Cloak on the rear. There was a noticeable amount of drag increase once I added the Metal Cloak skid. I'm not sure the rear is needed, but the front drain plug is a real issue. Unfortunately, I busted the U-bolt that holds the Rancho skid in...
  8. Ran the Rubicon Trail!

    I love this trail. It's a tradition for my wife and me to go every year. Last year, I went alone as we had a newborn, and she wanted me to keep the dream alive, haha. I was happy to oblige
  9. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I took my Jeep in for a rear locker issue (Locker light staying on all the time). I figured I'd mention the TSB to see if they would do anything with it while it was there. To my surprise, they jumped right on the TSB, but would do anything with the malfunctioning rear locker, due to my...
  10. California 2020 JLUR Rock Sliders

    Hi, where in LA? I'm in Monrovia.
  11. Sick of tire shine products

    Yeah, I can't stand shiny tires. I like a clean vehicle and that includes tires, but it has to be satin or matte finish for me. I'm going to give the Chemical Guys product a try.
  12. THE FIX FOR LOCKERS: Blinking lights, service axle locker system, lockers wont engage/disengage

    My rear axle locker light has been flashing for about a month now. I took it to my local dealer and they said it was due to my aftermarket lights I have installed drawing too much charge off the battery. lol My question to them was: "so If I remove my lights, the locker light will turn off?"...
  13. ARB Single mount options

    Bumping this because I have the same exact question. I have the twin, but I had an extra single comp that I want to install on my sister's new JL. Here's the one I think I'm going to get -
  14. Leaving "note" for Jeep Technician

    Being that I've lost all faith in car dealers and their service departments, I guess you're better off trying SOMETHING to avoid the mechanic doing a rushed/sloppy job. The only reason I'll go to a dealer is for warranty work. It's sad that we have to bribe our service techs to feel like we are...
  15. Jk vs JL is it worth an upgrade

    The JL has officially crossed the line into a new realm of technology and comfort features that will begin the vicious cycle of obsolescence. The JL is better in almost every way when compared to the JK (from a numbers perspective). It's lighter, faster, more comfortable, etc. etc. BUT, all...
  16. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    For real. I've been seeing that Jeep since it was stock and watching it get built up. I feel like I know it so well haha
  17. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Add me to the list of 10" Flex light bar. It's perfect for those of us looking for a minimalist light set up. P.S. I see the @Jeep Generation Jeep parked in San Dimas all the time. My wife's parents live just down the street. I'm sure you've seen me pass by a few times in my Sting Gray JL...
  18. Jump starters: who’s got one and what’s good?

    Yep, I've had this ^ for a few years now. I've used it a few times to jump-start my JK and other vehicles. It's one of the items I always have with me. It's come in handy so many times and it's easy to store out of the way.
  19. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Thanks for the recommendation. The slider worked out great, and the people over at DFG are really great to work with. I ended up making a simple platform; mostly because I hated the idea of losing the small storage compartment below. After I made my measurements I realized the slider was over...