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  1. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    In my opinion, it’s great on the highway. I put about 3 or 4K highway miles on per year, 7 or 8K city…total of about 12K. I’ve got Nitto Terra Grapplers (stock size) and a soft top. I didn’t put a lift or anything that would change the geometry. I had the same concerns as you have and...
  2. Resale Values - Which one holds value between Rubicon and Sahara?

    As a Sport owner, I like this. But if I were looking for a Jeep, my preference would be a Rubi.
  3. Is this normal?

    Mine is 2 yrs old and doesn’t have that. I’d recommend selling yours. I’d be willing to take it off your hands for $100.
  4. 2 Door Love

    I love the JL…and I’d have one if I didn’t need the space. My son is 13, daughter is 11. I might be getting a 2D in a few years…for myself, obvi.
  5. How high (yes...altitude) did you take your JL today?

    I like this whole deal. And I’m insanely jealous. I bet the heat index wasn’t a humid 105 up there, huh?
  6. How did you decide on your engine?

    3.6…never a doubt. I drove the 2.0, and really liked the feel…very peppy. But also very moped-ish. 392, Diesel and 4xe weren’t offered in 2019. So I went with a JLU Sport S 3.6 6M and love it. My son is 13. Probably going to sell it to him for whatever a JL Sport S 6M costs at the time...
  7. ESS quit working

    Dealer replaced the battery. All under warranty. I’m in the habit of turning ESS off at start up. So not sure how long it wasn’t working. But i asked them to take a look when i took it in for last oil change under the Jeep Wave Program. No hassle at all.
  8. Reliability of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs (Beamtech)?

    I’ve had Beamtech bulbs for just over a year. Not one complaint/problem. I do wish I had bitten the bullet and gotten the LED package. But I’m tight (Sport S instead of a Rubi, too). $40 bulbs vs $$$ for the LED package…no brainer. There have been times my cheapness has cost me. Like when...
  9. Will 6MT be improved in 2022?

    I have a ‘19 JLU Sport S with 6MT. Never had an issue. But i asked the dealer anyway. It took them maybe 5-10 mins to confirm they checked it out and I didn’t have a problem…which I knew. That was 20K miles ago. I’m nit calling bs on anyone. I’m sure some folks may have had an issue. But...
  10. Plastic Door Sill Guards

    I have the Mopar ones from the factory. They fit fine. Probably could/should have saved a buck and gone with the RR or Quad’s? But I’m okay with them.
  11. JL Manual Transmission Values Down the Road

    BINGO. I think there will be manual enthusiasts…but that may be b/c I am one.
  12. JL resale values are insane!

    I’m guessing you have taken great care of your Jeep too. So, your Jeep is a better value to you than any other Jeep on the lot…including the new ones. Keep it. Just my two cents…
  13. Just ordered my first Jeep!!!

    Congrats And welcome to the forum...and being broke. Read all you can and never hesitate to ask first. This group loves to give opinions.
  14. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    okay...I need a re-rack on the “bad” mpg. I’m a child of the 70’s and no stranger to 12-15 mpg in our station wagon on family vacations. Also, recall the ’90’s in 27-30’s in my Honda. I’m getting 20-ish, mostly city, mpg’s with the 3.6 manual transmission. Is that bad? please tell me if I...
  15. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    Got a 3.6L, Sport S manual...and love it. But I thought one of the best reasons to get a diesel is that their longevity due, in part, to the fact they run cooler than gas. I’m no mechanic (obvi), but is that BS? I’ve heard Diesel engines last twice as long b/c of that. Is that true?
  16. Should I build a Wrangler or hold out for the right used JL? Should I even BUY a Wrangler?

    Congratulations on saving up the cash. You’ve already won. I’m a big fan of Tacoma...had 2. Great reliability, quality and resale value. that was the responsible choice. But I have always wanted a Jeep....just more fun. I considered buying used, but couldn’t find what I wanted. I went...
  17. Anyone have buyer's remorse for ordering the 3.6 instead of the 2.0 Turbo.

    I understand the “e-whatever” is going to take over some day. When Henry Ford got started, his customers really just wanted a better horse. People were familiar with horses. And there weren’t gas stations on every corner. I think e-stuff is cool. But I’m not confident I can find a charging...
  18. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I never knew diesel oil change/maintenance was more. I’m happy with my 3.6L JLU. But i would have thought that diesel required less maintenance? How much more does that cost? Rough guesstimate is fine. Just curious.