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  1. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    We had some fun at pismo beach today. Even got to break in the winch on a poor sand rail who high centered on a dune.
  2. Warn winch issue

    I had am issue with my m8000 on my TJ. After doing a few troubleshooting steps Warn gave me the option of sending it in or doing the repair myself. Warn is a great company to work with so I'm sure they will take care of you when you call. If you're comfortable taking it apart I'd bet they...
  3. What was your Journey to Owning a Jeep? Post your first Jeep pic!

    The TJ is better 🤫 *offroad - in my VERY biased opinion.
  4. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    But, have you seen a fab fours grill. So nice. :CWL:
  5. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    I hooked my leg on the winch on my TJ when working under the hood once and fell. It was the only time I regretted a 4" lift and 35s.
  6. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    A guy working at the gas station said my wifes jeep would look good with an angry bird grill. Normally I'd think someone was joking when they said that but he was very adamant.
  7. Warn Zeon vs VR evo

    Basically do you want to give money to China.. I ended up going with the zeon steel version and used the money I saved not buying the S to buy a TRE rope and saftey thimble. Basically a break even but I really like the safety thimble and soft shackles.
  8. Belly pans on 3.0 Diesel

    Doesn't look like too much of the exhaust is covered. Doubt it will make any noticeable difference. I ordered mine at the beginning of August so hopefully I'll find out soon.
  9. What was your first modification??

    The first thing I added was the brackets for the freedom panels to attach to since our jeep was a factory soft top and we bought a hardtop from the dealer. The first "mod" though was a 2.5" gamechanger lift. So far I am very happy with it and I'm happy that the jeep still has a stock-like ride.
  10. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    Finally finished up the outboard front shocks for the MC lift, was waiting on the new wheels at the time, and added the rear bumps. I was lazy and didn't want to pull the springs to cycle so I drove up on the 35" TJ wheel. Unfortunately I didn't get the rubber bump stop to compress. Clearly I...
  11. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    Very easy. The only extra step would be to take the third brake light off which is on a very simple quick release lever. The same kind you'd find on a bike wheel. You can't go wrong with that carrier imo. It looks like they put a lot of time, effort, and engineering into the design. Next step...
  12. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    Finally got the spare tire on in addition to a terraflex alpha carrier. I was very impressed with the build quality of the terraflex.
  13. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    1 YJ - sold 1 TJ - current 1 JLURD - current The JL is great for the family/wife's DD but the TJ is my favorite.
  14. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    Update on fuel mileage. The jeep is averaging 20.5 mpg. My wife treats the gas peddle as an on off switch so most would likely have a higher result. The rear poison spyder bumper arrived. The box was broken open and all the hardware was missing. After calling PS they sent out the hardware...
  15. New dad! Kids, baby’s!

  16. Hydro Blue Family Wheeler

    They are in the simulated mode now. I went with the Dirty Life though because they can be converted down the road easily with a new ring. For now I don't want to run a true BL since it's the wife's daily and checking the bolts every 500-1,000 miles doesn't seem fun. Much easier on my TJ that...
  17. Best 35” tires for a daily driver?

    The 37" ko2's we put on our jeep are great on the highway. The real measurement of them is also 35". Take that info and do what you want with it lol.