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  1. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Yes 2.5” RK and 35 KO2s
  2. 2018 Turbo + eTorque vs. 2021 Turbo

    That’s what I thought. Maybe the guys post I was questioning has a Rubicon Recon then? He said his 2020 JLUR so I took it as a regular rubi.
  3. 2018 Turbo + eTorque vs. 2021 Turbo

    I thought the 2020’s didn’t have etorque? My 2020 JLUR 2.0 does not.
  4. Turbo rattle?

    For those with the turbo anyone running a Tazer and can tell me what’s the max boost PSI you’re seeing? I only see boost maxed around 18psi on mine. I’ve heard others get up to 30psi.
  5. Would you buy another 2.0T? Why? Why not?

    I’m in Colorado as well and would definitely do the 2.0 again. However, today I got to check out a 392 and it was amazing! If I had the money 392 for sure.
  6. Turbo rattle?

    So is the turbo linkage the video I posted a few posts back?
  7. Turbo rattle?

    Glad to hear. Please provide your service sheet if you could once it’s completed.
  8. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    I’m in South Denver. Go Rubicon
  9. Shift points

    I used to pull the fuse for the TCM on my old grand Cherokee.
  10. Z Automotive Tazer Extension Issue

    Yea that’s my plan. It shouldn’t take much force to unplug them.
  11. Z Automotive Tazer Extension Issue

    Finally got it loose. Will most likely not use the extension any longer since it was a PITA to unplug.
  12. Z Automotive Tazer Extension Issue

    Right. That’s how I was setup prior to heading to the dealer. Now I want to plug my Tazer back in but I can’t remove the larger wire from the extension.
  13. Z Automotive Tazer Extension Issue

    Ok so I’ve had the Tazer extension since Z Automotive first started selling them. Had to bring the Jeep to the dealership today for a flash. So I unmarry the Tazer unplug it and plug the cables into the extension....all good. Back home and trying to remove the cables from the extension to plug...
  14. 2.0T knocking noise

    Sounds like mine before it's warmed up.
  15. Another issue. 4 hi

    No. Don’t put it in 4HI and drive on dry pavement or hard pack. You’ll mess it up from binding.
  16. Turbo rattle?

    I know they’re changing the turbos out, but are they fixing the rod like in my video a live as well?
  17. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    I’ve had my non Etorque 2.0 up to 13.6k with no power drop. Love it in the mountains.
  18. Turbo rattle?

    Well haven’t gotten mine into the dealer yet. I broke my legs and haven’t driven my Jeep in almost 7wks. The other day I was looking under the hood and noticed this to be pretty loose and can rattle easy. Is anyone else’s like this?
  19. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    It’ll be interesting to see if the new 3.6 etorque acts up at higher elevations like the 2.0 etorque has.