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  1. Can you disable voice instructions?

    I know this an old post but felt remiss if I didn’t answer here. On the nav screen there are the three little lines (hamburger) in the bottom right corner. There a selection there to Mute Guidance. That turns voice guidance off and on.
  2. New JL, was this item free?

    The wiring should be a simple harness. Plug and play.
  3. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Yep it’s rated at 6400#
  4. Diesel: Legally delete after 25years

    After fours years of ownership of a new diesel, you are subject to an emissions to get your registration ( I see you’re from CO too.) And I agree with Chocolate Thunder above in that they will only become more strict.
  5. Pics of Rubicon decals removed?

    First thing I’m doing is removing Rubi badges when I take delivery of my 4xe.
  6. Options not available on 4XE: Perforated leather, side steps (any of them), what else?

    You can order the Tailgate reinforcement through your dealer and have it added upon delivery. BUT, the tailgate reinforcement is not available on the build and price for the rubicon 4xe.
  7. 2021 Wrangler Willy's - two weeks since purcase - 300 miles on it - won't start

    Some dealerships use these while they are on the lot. As stated above it reduces their insurance which is pretty steep for vehicles with removable tops. Most likely, it was inadvertently left there at sale. But i would certainly make a trip to the dealer and ask eye to eye.
  8. 4xe Rubicon vs Standard Rubicon price analysis (with tax credits)

    Try Perkins Motors in Colorado Springs and the POC is Jacques Perrault. His number is 718.801.1195. I am not affiliated with them in any way nor receive anything from them. I just ordered my 4xe yesterday and Jacques had been very fair and straight forward. You can mention Alton for reference...
  9. 4xe Rubicon vs Standard Rubicon price analysis (with tax credits)

    Not finding that true in CO. Worst I’ve been offered is MSRP and best is 3% below invoice. Four different dealers and Co isn’t known for great deals
  10. Transfer case confusion, little help?

    It is the same, I was just trying to figure out if it was the one that came with The automatic function in the 4xe. The legacy Rubicon’s come with either.
  11. Transfer case confusion, little help?

    Here in Colorado, the “automatic” function of the transfer case is super. So many times I am constantly shifting in and out of 4Hi as I move from shady ice packed conditions to sunny dry parts. I’m glad the 4xe has the option. When I lived in the south, you were either of on road or off-road and...
  12. Transfer case confusion, little help?

    That was the answer I needed. Thanks. I understand how it all works, just couldn’t get a straight answer from the dealer. 👍
  13. Transfer case confusion, little help?

    It would have to both or just the ability to shift the transfer case old school where you shift and the front wheels engage all the time. If you notice, I’m not using full time/ part time as these terms have become confused. so Gm has the option of a transfer case that has 2H, 4hi or 4lo. OR...
  14. Transfer case confusion, little help?

    I know the 4xe come standard with the rock trac with 4:1 TC. But, I’m confused (and it seems a lot of people are too based on intermixing terminology) about part time/ full time verbiage. So, does the 4xe come with the transfer case selection that places the transfer case in four wheel drive but...
  15. Steering Locks Up at Higher Speeds

    Seat your fuses. There is a new thread mentioning this solved his 2021 steering problem issues. I really hope this is the solution.
  16. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    I’m a Colorado guy who lives IN the mountains. A good snow tire means I have to park at the bottom of my road and walk 1/2 mile home. A great snow tire means I get to park in my driveway. Without studding them, the best I have seen is Duratracs. Ko2s are ok until they have about 8000 miles then...
  17. Remote Start for the 4XE worth it?

    My wife’s MB had the same problem. My Denali 2500 diesel has never failed to start with fob or the app.
  18. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    Invoice is NOT what the dealer pays for a vehicle. I worked for a bank in operations before I started flying attack helicopters back in early 90s. We used to get the actual bank drafts that dealers pay to the factory and the comment section was always the VIN. I got curious because the Jeep...
  19. 13.2 mpg with 37s....

    Yeah, that tire weighs 88 pounds. Gotta regear if you’re keeping them. Rotational weight has the most effect on a vehicle. Also manually check your MPG just to keep everything empirical.
  20. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Take a look at your rpm when it’s happening. If your throttle input is same and rpm climb momentarily = clutch slipping If rpm falls = engine . Just info for your dealer.