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  1. Lake elsinore Jeep dealers sucks

    The norco jeep dealer sucks too, im still on the waiting list for a courtesy vehicle and it's been months after the service manager assured me he wouldn't forget about me anyways I dropped off my jeep last last Wednesday right when the service dept opened, I made a appointment at the lake...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Washed it yesterday, tube doors and mirrors today, I haven't installed the rears yet
  3. Cars you would look for if you couldn't get a Wrangler or a Gladiator.

    So far the only vehicle I would consider I'd would be a base model bare bones C8
  4. Whats coming in 2022?

    Probably because it "looks cooler" would be my guess?
  5. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    Send me the link? Problably not in CA I bet.
  6. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    Where? If only I could get the same discount I got for my JLUR,5% under invoice for a bare bones base model c8, even better if I can get it factory ordered. I'd be very tempted to trade the JLUR in for one
  7. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    Lol even if there was supply and demand, dealers are going to mark up it up to 100k regardless, I remember when lake elsinore jeep wanted to charge me $3k mark up to place a factory ordered JLUR lol. Can you find a base model c8 corvette for MSRP? Dealers are marking it up especially because...
  8. Wrangler JL Wind Noise

    Drive slower, the faster you drive the louder it is and or turn up the radio, after switching to MT's and driving without doors and a roof I don't mind even notice wind noise any more.
  9. Greed will get you in the end.

    Not all heros wear capes
  10. Tried to order BFG KM3's today

    Yep same problem I had looking for a new spare in 315/70/17 Falken mt01, no one had one in stocked, I called about 15-20 tire shops, online same thing, I found and bought one on Amazon thanks to a forum member who found it for me.
  11. 35's with a 1.5" budget lift?

    Also something to note is that my 315/70/17 Falken wildpeak mt01 tires are 35 inch tires, I believe they measure in at 34.6 and they make a 35x12.50R17LT tire which is overall slightly bigger, I think they measure in at 34.8.
  12. 35's with a 1.5" budget lift?

    I have a 18 JLUR with 315/70 MT's on stock wheels and I don't rub at all even off roading and flexing.
  13. The right Mopar Oil filter for the JL

    Would this work for my Do you know if this is a replacement for a 2018 JLUR 3.6 oil filter?
  14. Cost to install Mopar 2" lift

    Do you happen to have a draft or an example of the quote so I can use it? Lol thanks if you can
  15. Cost to install Mopar 2" lift

    I'm looking to hopfully find a dealer to install a mopar 2 inch lift for $2000 OTD here in socal. That's the price I'm aiming for.
  16. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    I like mall crawlers, if I was buying a used jeep, it would be nice to buy one thats never touched dirt before. Rather than one that's been rock crawled through the most hard corest trails
  17. Recommend some tube doors for me

    I ended up buying these front and rear in black texturized, sure they aren't as beefy and use a pin to open/close but for $535 I figured I'll try these.
  18. Mopar JLU Tube Doors For Sale (Mint/Like New)

    I know this is an old post but are they still available?
  19. Differential oil change

    I need to change mine soon too, will check this thread for future reference