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  1. Factory Warranty after lift

    Warranties and modding the law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) is aftermarket/modified parts are not covered (clearly) and if that aftermarket/modified part cause a factory part to fail then that is not covered as well. The issue is dealership is the ones to make the call if the that failed is due...
  2. Shredded Gears or broken Axle Shaft

    you need to inspect it to figure out what is wrong, inspect the u joints lift the front off the ground see if you can get a better idea by spinning the tires freely, pull diff cover see whats missing, pull hte shafts see what comes out you really dont want to drive it until its fixed it will...
  3. Rebel Taillights yet anyone?

    i went with the motobilt kit at the time they were the only ones making them, but i would still go with them over the next ventures kit for the simple fact that you can buy tail lights...
  4. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    i would advise against heating the bolt, or if you do be very careful, very easy to over heat it or melt out your bushing prybar with a long extention handle on and some mucsel should be fine, i have been using the handle to my jack for years as the extension, you need more power use the floor...
  5. Is spare tire required at off-road parks?

    Rausch requires a full size spare though i never seen this enforced that being said just run a spare, sure greens there are just a dirt road and blues are a walking the park for a stock jl rubicon and with 37s they are a joke but if you do blow a tire not only have...
  6. Front bumper question

    would it be the jl version of this monstrosity? as far as fitment goes most jk bumpers will bolt onto a jl no issue, the only problem being is the the space between the mounting points on the frame and the...
  7. To locker or not to locker?

    Most general mechanics will not do gear set ups as they are easy to fuck up, that should be an indication of the level of skill you need to set up gears. But any reputable 4x4 shop will do the work all of the time, same with some transmission shops, but many shops do not like it when you bring...
  8. Front Intermediate Axle Shaft Bearing Removal?

    looks like there is some lip exposed from the pumpkin side is you can get a flathead down there some how and hammer it from with in the pumpkin if you are good with a die grinder you can carefully cut it and use a cold chisel to split it, but thats easy to fuck up
  9. Swapping Side Steps for Rock rails. Worried about rock chips

    really depends on the rock rails you get some are mounted out wide to be a step and some tuck in tight to the body, but yes less coverage in that area can lead to more rock chipping, you can clear plastic stickers that protect your paint if you want
  10. Trim piece for rear body skirt?

    this what you are talking about?
  11. CEL After Lift Install

    the tazer can clear code, i would say clear it and see if it comes back, its not a critical engine issue, if it was a fluke then you will be all set if it is actual fault then it will pop back up pretty quickly. cool the dealer ship is cool but if you go in there saying jeep was lifted then...
  12. 4xe charging port housing and door as air chuck

    from this link 68467793AD looks to be the inside plastic part that the charge plug and door are attached to , the door is part #16 in that diagram
  13. CEL After Lift Install

    the evap canister is that plastic tube that is attached to the center of the frame above the rear axle where the ebrake cables lay, i would say start checking there and follow the lines. but try clearing the codes first could be a 1 time issue or if you are under warranty still just dont...
  14. CEL After Lift Install

    pull the codes, if you dont have a code ready to auto zone or advanced auto and they will read the code for free, if you have a code reader you can also clear it and see if it comes back chances are it is unrelated to the lift install but also they could have bumped that triggered the code
  15. Turning Tube (only) doors into trail doors?

    my understanding the between the jk and the jl the doors are similar but not directly swapable, the strikers are in different spots and the dimensions are a little off that even with the latch re-positioned the body lines do not align well besides re positioning the latch you are also going to...
  16. Front Axle Seal leaking, will a outer tube seal help?

    those shaft seals or really meant to keep mud and dirt out o the tubes rather than keep oil in, the inner axle seals can be damaged by the process of installing the axle shafts
  17. What transfer case is standard in the 6-sp rubicon?

    same 4:1 NV241OR transfer case as the autos
  18. Sleeves and RCVs

    The fad delete removes the fad actuator but the casting for the fad remains and the seals in the casting
  19. Sleeves and RCVs

    you are not going to find sleeve kits for the front axle in a JL mainly because of the FAD is in the way, and the other reason you dont see them is they didnt use the think axle tube wall that they used on the JK, the JL has a more beefier axle housing tube than the JK so it is not really...
  20. Not impressed with my new Hi-Lift. What am I missing?

    the hi lift jack is more of a multi tool than a jack for changing tires, their biggest advantage is helping to get a high centered jeep unstuck by lifting the belly of the jeep off the ground or shifting the weight around it can jack up the jeep in worse conditions than a stock jack i have...