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  1. 2.0L Recall Notice (not due to engine)

    We received the recall letter last week and made an appointment to have it inspected. As I said previously in this thread, we had the original cracked fuel line replaced back in April of this year but we still wanted the dealer to verify that it was the correct replacement part and not just...
  2. How do you pronounce Willys?

    I've always pronounced it with the "Y" and I probably always will.
  3. new windshield: dealer or Safelite?

    Safelite can repair a windshield crack as long as it is 6" or less. Keep that in mind before automatically thinking that it needs to be replaced. In our case, they repaired a smaller star crack and our insurance covered 100% of the cost.
  4. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    I think I'd be concerned with dinging an open door on the gate post as I drove through.
  5. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    And why would you need to have the door open to do that? Auto Park will not engage if the door is closed.
  6. Start/Stop Error

    You should be able to use the up/dn arrows on the left side of the steering wheel to scroll to the start/stop screen and it will show a message relating to the current status.
  7. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    Impossible since a Jeep is not a car. ;)
  8. My hood prop stolen

    I had a set of those on our old 2013 JK. They worked fine for about a year and then one of the locks got stuck, fortunately in the unlocked position. After probably 6-7 emails and various other attempts to contact the company over many months I learned that they couldn't care less about a...
  9. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    It is there. 2.0L Recall Notice (not due to engine)
  10. Is there any way to tell a 2.0 just by looking at it?

    I did see a pic of a braille shift knob recently. I think it was on a BMW.
  11. 2.0L Recall Notice (not due to engine)

    Well, I'm sure we will have to take it there again, if nothing else than to just verify that everything was done according to the recall. Ours was fixed 4 months ago, long before this recall was ever created. Also, this thread might be better suited in the Issues, Repairs, Warranty, TSB...
  12. Are the new 2020 and up 2.0 turbos E-Torque equipped?

    It was standard on our '20 Recon.
  13. 2.0L Recall Notice (not due to engine)

    Thanks for that. Ours was eventually fixed after we took it in twice because of a strong gas smell. They found a cracked fuel line on the second visit and replaced it, although it had to sit at the dealer for 5 days while waiting for the part to arrive. Obviously, this is a common problem with...
  14. Won’t Start First Try

    Before you get too far into diagnostics, open the PDP and push down on every fuse and relay to make sure they are seated all the way. Even though yours is a few years old, a fuse or two could have worked its way loose.
  15. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    Side impact from a t-bone accident perhaps?
  16. I just saw the coolest looking Jeep.

    I was expecting something like this:
  17. how to lock doors while inside?

    Apparently, yours and the OP's are the only two JLs like that. The rest of us can lock our doors from the inside with the engine off and the fob in the cargo area without any problem.
  18. Stubby Antenna not sure of name

    13" Rydonair on my wife's Recon. She says she does not notice any decrease in reception. Also, read through this recent thread: Recommendations on aftermarket antenna's
  19. Quickest and safest way to go from 87 Octane to 91 Octane

    Since the 2019 owner's manual says 87 octane is OK to use in the 2.0 I guess I don't see what the concern is all about if the dealer originally filled it with that.
  20. 2021 Rubicon - Select Fill Alert / Tire fill alert missing

    Unless this is something new for the 2021 model year, all Rubicons do not have it. I just checked our 2020 Recon and that option is not available.