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  1. So I Hurt Duck Duck Jeeps Feelings

    Your true color is reflected in the windshield. Looks like @wibornz is right.
  2. Jeep Dog pics

    I checked. He's thinking about it.
  3. Turn off all lights? An IR lighting question

    Install normally closed relays in the light wiring. Trigger relays with a switch in the cab. Have done this on past vehicles. Sometimes you want to go dark.
  4. AC options while camping

    Step on brake, push button to start, set AC to auto. Or install a small room AC unit in rear window and run extension cord to shore power. Please choose extension cord of appropriate gauge and do not overload circuit.
  5. Auto park dissengaged

    Good call! It helps to divide you request for help into different treads. 👊
  6. Auto park dissengaged

    Check your batteries..
  7. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Are they all charged up or did you get some that were on the shelf for months or years? Did you reset the codes?
  8. ESS quit after hailstorm

    This right here
  9. ESS quit after hailstorm

    Or, your batteries are failing. Or, you have a parasitic draw. Or, you don't drive your rig enough. Or, you don't drive your rig long enough. Based on the typical issue most people face your batteries are failing.
  10. No more 2.0/8 speed?

    Supply chain issues. Profit maximizing.
  11. ESS quit after hailstorm

    You're reading the alternator voltage, not battery, when the rig is running. Put a battery charger on it for a few days then see if the ESS will work again.
  12. Fuse box question.

    You need a multimeter.
  13. Soft top 392 options?

    If you choose the dual top, its the black soft top. The tan is a separate option.
  14. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    The majority of roll overs I've seen happen when the vehicle moves in a way the driver isn't expecting; tire bouncing off an obstacle or sudden loss of traction and the vehicle turns sideways. What was pitch becomes roll and the momentum takes it over. Be cautious with the skinny pedal when...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's been 18 months.
  16. carrying extra gas?

    I've carried fuel inside the vehicle plenty of times. 20L NATO style, sealed, steel cans. I've had mine for 20+ years. Like these;
  17. No power after rest stop. Couldn't get to highway speed on onramp.

    This would seem to make remote start illegal to use.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    5K. First change.