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  1. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    While this sucks for the poster who has a lemon of a car, my question is how many 4xe's are having problems like this vs. ANY other car/SUV sold today? I mean a certain small amount of Honda Accord's have some odd lemon issue, and I am not seeing anything here or in the news about the 4xe having...
  2. PSA: Max Regen Button now saves!!!!

    Awesome, got to bring it in for the recall, will make sure they update that!
  3. 4xe Hood Decal: From Matte to Gloss

    Where did you get the 4xe hood decal?
  4. No Garage - Is the 4xe still a good option?

    I'm uncomfortable charging my Chevy Bolt! (and it is not parked in my garage). I have no issues with the 4xe charging in the garage.
  5. The 4xe is kinda fast!?!

    I don't think you can do that. No matter what mode you are in and even if the battery is at 0, the car will still use battery + gas if you floor it.
  6. Trail crawling with battery only

    I'm going to probably get some 33's when I need to replace these. But for me the most intense 4x4ing I do is what is in the video, most my off-roading is in the sand at Corolla, and these work fine for that, so I can't justify the expense. And the stock tires are really nice on the road. I just...
  7. Trail crawling with battery only

    First time doing a trail like this, 16 mile long trail, all on battery. Sweet with NO engine noise!!!
  8. Blue Tow Hooks on the 2022 Sahara 4xe

    Except for me, my license plate is: 4XE !
  9. 4XEing in the sand - Raison d’etre for electric

    Yes, always air down. Corolla is nice that they have a free air up/down place with plenty of hoses right before the 4x4 area, so you don't need your own compressor.
  10. 4XEing in the sand - Raison d’etre for electric

    Did you go back into the developments/town area (away from the beach)? There are FAR less people there, and more fun, see more wild horses etc.... More fun 4x4ing (mud, trails in the woods etc...) The other Jeep in my picture was a 6 speed. She had no issues (was her first time in the sand).
  11. 4XEing in the sand - Raison d’etre for electric

    And there is a screen grab of my 4xe getting nice and muddy!
  12. 4XEing in the sand - Raison d’etre for electric

    Just got back from my annual beach trip in Corolla, NC. For those who don’t know just north from Corolla to the VA border is 11 miles x 3 miles of beach, roads, developments, woods all in the sand, which allows for a lot of fun 4 wheeling in sand, mud (lots of big, deep puddles), backwood trails...
  13. This could slow down 4xe sales

    I am using the $7500 credit now on my 4xe for the 3rd time in my life, and I think it’s stupid to give a tax credit that everyone subsidizes and just benefits middle and upper class people. This bill is at least something, and I would no longer be eligible, but it won’t survive the house. They...
  14. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    As a 4xe owner, I disagree. The innovation Jeep has done with the integration of electric and ICE is amazing. Cutting edge innovation IMHO.
  15. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    Why would you want a locking chargeport cover? I see no need (and would be upset if there was one). Are you worried about people hooking a cable up, attached to a tube and then they suck the electrons out of your car? (I'm pretty sure that is not possible).
  16. Slapped 33's on my 4xe Sahara!

    So could I put any 275/60 R20 on my 4xe Saraha with no problems? I'm thinking of Firestone Destination A/T2 - Size: P275/60R20
  17. Is a Mopar Extended Warranty on a 4xe a Good Investment?

    Understand, extended warranties (or insurance of any kind) are money loosing propositions by nature, as the company offering them has to make money on them to cover costs, salaries, make profit etc... or they would not stay in business. So by definition, in general, they have to be money loosing...
  18. 4xe license plate

    The advantage of being an early adapter, got the '4xe' plate for Virginia! Anyone else get the 4xe plate for their state?