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  1. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    Yup, I'm on the waitlist until "sometime in September"...hmmm
  2. COMMON SCAM ALERT! Unsolicited PMs asking you to email someone!

    CLARIFICATION: PAYPAL.ME is NOT a scam, it is fully legit. It's PayPal's way of giving you an easy link to give to people. That is not a way to spot a scam. (Heck, you can send me money at if you want) Now, I don't know anything about this particular person or...
  3. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    That's frustrating! Thanks for the info. HEY, can you please let me know WHERE I should disconnect the harness while waiting? Is there just one running into the rear diff? Pardon my ignorance around this; I haven't messed around underneath. Thanks!
  4. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Well, I just got my Jeep back after a week at the dealership for them to tell me I need a new axle (Duh) but they are not available until sometime in September. Annoying but grateful they are going to replace it I guess. I only have 2K MILES on my jeep went this happened to that's annoying...
  5. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    I just dropped off my JLUR yesterday, 7/23 at the dealership. Told them and shared the links to multiple forum threads regarding this issue and just asked them to order a new axle straight away. They are looking it over yesterday and I am waiting to hear back today. Fingers crossed they just...
  6. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    Yeah that's when it happened to me, going around a bend; about 55mph. Certainly nerve-racking.
  7. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    ANNNNND, yet another person with this problem! I just rolled over 1,000 MILES ONLY too! My problem is the same as the rest, however, it just started happening at the end of my 5-hour drive from LA (home) to Monterey where I will be visiting for the long weekend. My concern is CAN I DRIVE THIS...
  8. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    I've been debating between a teardrop like a [email protected], a Falcon F-Lite 14 or 18, or the GeoPro 15 or 16. I'm curious, with the height of some of these they are pretty much all over the recommended surface area. Does anyone have any issues with that? Has anyone else debated between these 3 types and...
  9. S.A.D. Roof Rack with ladder (pics) and questions about fitting

    This looks interesting! Do you have the link to it anywhere? I can't find it.
  10. California Warn Low Grille Guard

    Good to know! Thanks for the info!
  11. California Warn Low Grille Guard

    I was looking at this one for my 2020 JLUR. May I ask why you're getting rid of it? Thanks!