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  1. 3.6L light throttle engine surge

    I've seen a few folks in this thread mention that they had an update done, and it solved the issue, however every time someone has asked for the update/dealer code, I'm not seeing a response, unless it's via private message. I've definitely been having the issue, made more noticeable in 4L and...
  2. Tombstone

    Bestop came thru! I completed the install today, new top, rear window, and gasket for the tailgate bar, and that took care of the noise and flapping issue that I had. It's quiet as can be, even cruising at 85, once again I can hear phone conversations, music, and talk to someone in the car...
  3. Tombstone

    Still need to get the replacement top on (times when traveling for work is just not a lot of fun!) but Bestop did get it out very fast, so lots of credit to them for doing that. Now that I'm back home, should get that on tomorrow. Quick video, fun exit from Royal Gorge out at Hidden Falls
  4. Tombstone

    Update to the Trektop situation is that Bestop looked at the pictures, and video, and let me know, within a couple of hours, that there two issues, and they'll get the parts out to me ASAP to get it fixed. I work for an equipment manufacturer, and I know what QC can mean, and I realize that...
  5. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    It was yesterday...but went up, went down. Got wet, got muddy, hiked some closed trails to see why they are no longer open. Enjoyed the sun, the water, had some drinks, and loved every minute of spending the day with family and friends.
  6. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    On the trail: After the trail:
  7. Tombstone

    And for the gratuitous pictures from the weekend....
  8. Tombstone

    **EDIT 5/7/19....Looks like the Trektop issue has a solution. Did some wheeling this weekend, and as always, had an absolutely great time, but trying to work out a couple of issues. Issues first, then gratuitous pictures of wheeling..... Pretty sure that I'm not getting any kind of a good...
  9. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    The issues are more likely to occur really at full articulation, so if it's daily driven, or less than full articulation, it's something you can put off. I'd definitely recommend having it on the "to do" list at some point in the future. MetalCloak sells one as an addition to their kit that will...
  10. Tombstone

    That's the GoPro Hero 7 Black mounted on the 67 Design attached to the 20mm base.
  11. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    Thanks! It's two things: Rusty's Rear Fascia Cover Kit (Protecting the tub after the bumper delete) ACE JL Hammertown Rear Armor (Replacing the bumper)
  12. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Those are Maxxis Razr M/T 40x13.5R 17LT (Measured in at 39.25") with the MC 3.5" Lift.
  13. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    @D60 I think you are right, my 3.5" puts me slightly higher than a JK with a 4.5" lift. Pretty sure you will get will get more than 3" once installed.
  14. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    I think we've got 8-9 guys in the club I run with, that have Metalcloak (most are JK's, only one other JL.) but none of them are having the issue with the rear end being lower than the front. I know a couple have 5.7 Hemi's (one has a 6.4) which could account for it being even, because that's a...
  15. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    Dunno what to tell you, but a 3.5" MC lift doesn't leave me with a sagging rear end, or 1.5" inches more of lift in the front than in the rear. If you go with the 2.5" front and 3.5" rear, definitely post some pictures.
  16. What does offroading feel like?

    Why all the pictures? Because they show a better story than I ever could with just words. What does it feel like? You'll see beauty, even if you aren't anticipating it. You'll often meet some amazing groups of people, and spending time doing things with them will make the adventure that much...
  17. Tombstone

    Doing what it was built to do: Updated Opinions: i-Drive on the trails is worth it. I get power immediately, it eliminates that lag that I had a couple of weeks ago, and made bumping infinitely easier than it was. However I'm noticing some "surging" while at low idle, and that has...
  18. Tombstone

    Starting to clean up some of the "little" stuff that got put off before I picked up.... Added the center caps that I forgot to order before. The issue I had with Racline is that they don't come with center cap's, and if you look at their selection, there are probably 40 pictures of wheels...
  19. YouTube Sellouts

    The issue is most YouTube "personalities" make a choice it seems, they are either entertainers, or they have credibility, it's not as easy as one would expect to find people who inhabit both spheres. The other challenge I see, is that it's hard to give credibility to folks with either limited...
  20. Tombstone

    4" Ultimately I don't think that they will. That said, I had ordered the RVC Ultimate 44's. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get the Jeep in, and get the gears and axles done at the same time. Quite a few people in the club here who have gone to Hemi (5.7 and 6.4) and ProCharger (JK's all...