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  1. New Jersey Sting Gray Grille

  2. New Jersey Sting Gray Grille

    Took this off my JLUR at atound 3,000 miles. Maybe less. Dont need it and could be useful for someone else. WILL NOT SHIP. $200
  3. The Parallax - Sting Gray JLUR Build

    Been a minute since this got any love lol. Here are a couple updates. Finally got fully naked a month or two ago. It was grand. Nothing much have been done mods wise. Just been enjoying it this summer.
  4. DV8 JK to JL bumper mount

    i got this when i got my dv8 FS-15 stubby bumper. The bumper has been on for almost 2 years. This part has been sitting taking up space. Useless.
  5. Borla Climber Touring - Incompatible with 2021 JLUR?

    Yes I had the S type for a 3.6L. One guy that purchased it from me had a 2021 and did not fit his so I gave him his money back. He called borla directly and they couldn’t give him an answer besides “We can’t guarantee it will fit” which is weird. Another guy bought it that had a 2020 and haven’t...
  6. Suntek Ultra-Matte PPF on Sarge Green + Green protective rings + Red Removal on JLR

    well thats just gorgeous. holy smokes. just when i thought the sarge green couldnt look any sharper, you go on do something like this. Great job.
  7. New Jersey Borla S-Type Climber Exhaust for 3.6L JLU

    For anyone else that wanted a sound clip:
  8. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    after waiting for weeks, I saw this today. the day after it expired :(
  9. The Parallax - Sting Gray JLUR Build

    This week we added some Harbor Freight special 3” led spots on the hood and a 6 gang switch pod to control other future lights and air. Pretty straight forward. Easy to install. Lights are bright and now we see how they hold up. And since it hit 81 degrees today, took the freedom panel and all...
  10. The Parallax - Sting Gray JLUR Build

    Been a minute. Did a baby flex under the GWB to get through hump day.
  11. New Jersey DV8 Tubular Rock Rails For Sale

    No longer for sale. Sorry

    I have the snorkel. I have this question as well...
  13. New Jersey Borla S-Type Climber Exhaust for 3.6L JLU

    That’s a bit of a hike. CT is about 2 hours away.
  14. New Jersey Borla S-Type Climber Exhaust for 3.6L JLU

    Bump. $200 to the first person to come pick this up. It’s in great shape. Just taking up space.