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  1. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Lift time- check! Went with mopar 2” lift for 2 door instead of 4 door to get a more modest lift on my Sahara, I was hoping to net a true 2” and I think that’s been accomplished after a couple weeks of settling. Top photo is after switching to 33’s and bottom includes the lift.
  2. Sky One-Touch Power Top Weight

    Thank you! Appreciate it
  3. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    So I got the lift installed at the dealer yesterday. Very happy with it. Rides great, even better than stock IMO. Looks like all around it landed at 2.5”+/-. Rear looks a little high to me but it might settle out (also noticed the other side is halfway up the curb 🤦🏻‍♀️) no regrets- overall I...
  4. Realistically how high is Mopar 2" lift

    you da bomb! thank you!
  5. Realistically how high is Mopar 2" lift

    I know this is quite awhile ago but do you remember your wife's OEM height? I just got a mopar lift installed at the dealer and forgot to measure beforehand. D'oh! Sahara, 3.6, onetouch top, tow kit. In all honesty, I went with the 2" JL kit instead of the JLU because I'm sticking with 33"s...
  6. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    So lifted my snazzberry today and the dealer had miraculously gotten rid of all the water spots from going through the car wash without proper drying (jeez- these things look dirty quicker than any other color I’ve had!) Thought I’d pass along the trick for those caught in the rain between...
  7. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Picked her up today and swung by discount to switch back to the BFG's from my '15 Sahara. The guy said it was the lowest odometer reading he's ever had. Also pretty sure all the techs were gawking at how beautiful the color is. I LOVE IT!
  8. Sky One-Touch Power Top Weight

    Has anyone weighed their sky onetouch top yet? I can’t find anything online as to how much it weighs- For JLU
  9. How much rake did you have after installing 2” mopar lift kit?

    Getting my mopar lift kit installed at the dealer to be covered under warranty and at a decent price, but worried if any leveling would be needed. For reference, keeping the stock bumper on ‘21 JLU Sahara with onetouch & tow kit. how much rake did you end up with after install? Include details...
  10. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    If you find a color match for the vinyl let me know. I’m wanting to make my key fobs snazzberry
  11. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    UDPATE: looking up curb weights on 2 dr rubicon 3.6 auto = 4,193 curb weight 4 dr sahara 3.6 auto = 4,263 curb weight (70 lb difference) Looks like I'll be going with 77072396AE (2 dr, 3.6L mopar 2" lift) to get to a true 2". Will post updates when complete in a couple...
  12. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Will have to look into that. My past two wranglers have had quite a few paint chips from rocks. They attract them like bugs and windshield chips!
  13. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    So, theoretically, 2dr 3.6 is 300 lbs less than the 4dr Sahara 3.6. And the rubi 3.6 is approx 200 more. based off that, a 2dr 3.6 kit would net about the same or a little less than the rubi. Hopefully
  14. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    I have the extended warranty so the only thing available is the MOPAR (with dealer installation 🙄)
  15. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    Has anyone done this to mitigate the lift kit back down to a realistic 2"? Everywhere I see it's around a 3-3.5" lift. I would be ordering the same 3.6 in 2dr instead of 4 dr for my '21 sahara unlimited with tow package and sky one touch top. Not planning on winch, steel bumpers, etc. I have...
  16. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    4/16 (Fri)- Ordered after 5p 4/19 (Mon) - Requested POC, said status was set to D 4/22 (Thu)- Status set to D1, VIN & VON assigned. All parts arrived to build according to JeepChat 4/27 (Tue)- Framing 4/28 (Wed)- IN PAINT! 4/29 (Thu) - KZ! Expected Arrival date is 4/28-5/3! 4/30 (Fri)- Arrived...
  17. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    4/28 (Wed)- IN PAINT! 4/29 (Thu) - KZ! Expected Arrival date is 4/28-5/3! I was told 5-7 weeks, WOW!
  18. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    This is mine except for leather trimmed sahara and snazzberry. Ordered on 4/16 and in Framing on 4/27. Hoping to get in a 30ish day window too!
  19. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Hey Guys- I ordered my snazzberry unlimited Sahara with the onetouch top on Friday. So what do I do in the next 4-6 weeks? Apparently look at wheels. Having a hard time deciding between the rocktrix RT105 (18” will be coming out end of May) or the Black Rhino Overland. I’m trying to keep it...