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  1. Show her pictures of your JL's winch!

    Smitty Gen 2 X20 10K winch
  2. Show her pictures of your JL's winch!

    Having problems uploading photos, does anyone know the max size allowed? Photos are between 300 and 500 K, less than half a megabyte
  3. Our first Poison Spyder Bruiser Bumper!

    Well my bumper finally arrived on Friday Sept. 21, 2018, that's 23 weeks + 1 day. Now I need to get the bumper, the winch and the lights installed. Will attach photos once it's done.
  4. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I've got the aux switches, so will be easy. The 7" lights will go on the grill guard of the Poison Spyder Bruiser bumper if it ever arrives. Love your choice of color for your Jeep :clap::handsinair:
  5. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I originally thought that as well and mentioned it to the dealer but he said those are the 5" lights, well guess what, he made a mistake. I just looked in the box for the 7" lights and they are the 5" lights. What a dingbat, will call the dealer but will need to get them changed out when the...
  6. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I already have the 5" lights mounted just waiting for the front bumper to arrive so I can add the 7" lights.
  7. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    12.98% off MSRP or 7.50% off Invoice.....MSRP was $52,825 Dennis Dillon
  8. How far are you traveling to pick up your new JL?

    I drove 1700 miles, from Tucson to Dennis Dillon in Idaho for my Blue Rubi. They gave me the best deal for my trade-in plus money off the invoice which came to almost $12,000 discount. Had a very pleasant experience with Dennis Dillon.
  9. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    My Poison Spyder bruiser front bumper was ordered on April 12 a week after I ordered my Jeep. Got tired of waiting for the bumper and picked up my Jeep on July 28, still no front bumper. Heard from my dealer that there's a possibility I may have it drop shipped late August. Keeping fingers...
  10. Topsy Lift thread

    I just tried to order the hoist kit from Topsy, says out of stock and won't allow me to complete the purchase
  11. Our first Poison Spyder Bruiser Bumper!

    My PS bumper was ordered on April 12 from Dennis Dillon, I picked up my Jeep on July 28, still no front bumper. It's been over 17 weeks since it was ordered and the delivery date keeps getting pushed back. I really don't understand why it's taking so long??? If anyone from Poison Spyder would...
  12. Arizona owners - please check in!

    I'm from Tucson, haven't seen anyone post from there yet. Picked my baby up from Dennis Dillon on July 27 and slowly working my way home. I stopped in Bluffdale, Utah to get a ceramic pro coating applied. Here she is...
  13. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Where did you get the tire cover and how much did it cost?
  14. Red dash trim

    Only Rubicons get red dash with black seats, cloth or leather. However, I believe if you order a Mojito or Punk'n with black interior you don't get the red dash.
  15. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    My blue Rubi is still at DD waiting on a front bumper but in the meantime my KMC XD135 Grenade OR wheels showed up and have been put on my Jeep. Spoke with Poison Spyder this morning and there's a good chance my front bumper might be delivered next week, keeping my fingers crossed. Here...
  16. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    This is the reply I received from the people at TYRI Lights: "Hi Donald, Thank you for contacting TYRI. I believe you are viewing our products on the TYRI Shop. The pricing on our website is per light, so for a pair of 1313 lights with 7000 lumens each, your cost would be $960. This would be...
  17. ARB fridge 37 or 50 quart in JLU

    Who makes the tray you have sitting on top of the fridge?
  18. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I think you are correct, nothing on the Tyri product page mentions 2 lights for $440. I've sent them a message to clarify the pricing.