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  1. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    Setting foot on a dealers lot should be for 2 things: 1. Do the paperwork for what was already negotiated via email. 2. Pick up the vehicle We're 20 years into a new century and people are still buying cars like it's 1985. I bought both of my Jeeps several % below invoice and in both cases the...
  2. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    Lately, Rammstein, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, or when I'm feeling funky, some Talking Heads.
  3. 5% off invoice, but only if you kick back 10% of invoice in interest payments?

    When I bought my 2018 JLU I found a dealer in state that would do 5% below invoice with the Jeep Wave program, and $150 processing fee. A local dealer matched the deal. I placed a special order for exactly what I wanted with a $500 deposit. I brought them a check from my Credit union so there...
  4. Don’t be this guy...

    Almost certain he just pulled out of the dealership after a Jeep Wave free oil change and tire rotation.
  5. Dealers Who Did/Didn't Service JLs bought elsewhere

    A big thumbs up to Junge Automotive Group in Center Point, IA - A small town dealer that sells a few Jeeps (mostly Ford) but knows me by name and has done quick and flawless warranty work on both of our Wranglers. One was bought from them and one wasn't. They got the JL oil change right the...
  6. Sick and tired of Los Angeles housing market

    You sound like you may lean politically conservative. If that's the case, you'll never be happy in CA. I left CA 15 years ago before my oldest started Kindergarten. I saw how bad the schools were and along with the cost of living being unrealistically expensive, we decided to move to Iowa. We...
  7. Changing oil at the dealership - 5 or 6 qt

    Significantly over the top line marking on the dipstick. I'm going from memory but I think visually it was around 1/3 inch above line. Others can clarify.
  8. Changing oil at the dealership - 5 or 6 qt

    I'm almost 100% confident this all started with FCA putting the wrong amount into "the system" and never fixing it. I find it hard to believe the problem could be so common otherwise. The first free oil change on my wifes JLU came back with 6 on the invoice and 6 in the engine. The dealership...
  9. 'Tis the season... Best way to transport a Christmas tree?

    Man, talk to your boss/ bribe him with a bottle of scotch to get a one time permission to use the truck. Offer to pay mileage or whatever. There has to be a way to make that work. or...someone has got to offer delivery on trees. This can't be an uncommon situation.
  10. 'Tis the season... Best way to transport a Christmas tree?

    Buy a hitch and a trailer if you're looking for an excuse to spend money. Otherwise find a buddy that will lend you his pickup truck. You guys are overthinking this.
  11. I think I'm gonna need mudflaps.

    Get side steps or rock rails. They'll cut down about 95% of that mess, plus they're guaranteed to reduce door dings from parking lot @ssholes by 95% also.
  12. Frozen door handles (not doors)

    Sorry I don't have a solution other than maybe keeping a gallon of -25 degree rated wiper fluid around? Pour a bit on and they'd probably come free. I mentioned this previously in a thread as to why the JL style door handles could be problematic. Other brands of vehicles I've owned like Toyota...
  13. Alpine Stereo Headunit Factory Replacement - Pricing, Release Date, Demo

    I'm an old school car stereo and high end home audio guy. $3k is insane for this system. Some better and cheaper options will come out eventually if you're willing to wait. The Alpine systems for the JK were way over priced too. And here's the real kicker....Alpine really isn't that great as a...
  14. Why was this JL only forum developed?

    Having a JK as well as a JLU, I read another forum for the JK stuff. But I'm kinda done with the mods on it so I don't check it as often any more. However, there are some very technical guys there that are great resources for repairs and trouble shooting. This site is slowly growing in that...
  15. Battery replacement for 2018 Sahara

    Here in IA batteries usually last 3-5 years depending on the vehicle and quality of battery. But what I learned from another Jeep forum when I bought my JK is that it's extreme heat that kills a battery quick, not cold. So you guys in TX, AZ, Las Vegas, etc. may find that 2-3 years out of a...
  16. Base Model Drivers...Do you hate roll-up windows/manual locks?

    Manual locks on the JK are just fine. But Jeep went out of their way to horribly design the manual locks on the JL. I thought it was insane what Jeep wanted for power windows and locks. I now realize it was a conspiracy to make you want to upgrade. Power windows I don't care about.
  17. Dealership breaks passenger seat and can't fix small issue

    Maybe we need to start a thread about Dealers that actually do good service work. The more I read these threads the more I believe this list would be short.
  18. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    "I got this cousin named Amber. We nicknamed her PT Cruiser cause she gotta pretty face and a big ass" -Donnie Baker
  19. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    Usually they're in the Prius or Tesla camp. There are so many things I could say about the Tesla, but I don't. And to clarify, I've really only caught crap from these people maybe 2-3x. I get complements on my Jeeps almost daily and they're pretty much bone-stock base Sport models.
  20. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    My response to those kinds of ignorant Jeep comments usually end with something like, "And that's why you drive a Vaginamobile."