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  1. Opinions on the manual transmission

    About 50k miles, no issues. Just got a new clutch from the recall and still buttery smooth.
  2. The clutch gang!

    Not at all. 40k+ Miles grinning ear to ear and the clutch and gearbox have been great. Now I might be getting a fresh clutch for free, so even better!
  3. What's your favorite brand of sunglasses?

    I've owned a lot of overpriced sunglasses, but strangely my favorite pair so far has been a pair of Armani Exchange. Perfect level of tint where I could see still when it wasn't bright out, yet the polarization was great. Rubberized frame that was comfortable and didn't scratch... Now I just...
  4. Why so many doors

    Wife, child, 2 newfoundland dogs... And actually it's been nice for large purchases from Lowe's. I can put the back bench down and fit quite a bit.
  5. 4.10 or 4.56

    Let us know how it works out for you. I have the same engine/transmission as you, however it's an Unlimited, but my math showed I should go with 4.10 when I go up to 35", but honestly even with the stock 31" tires on, I feel like I could use a bigger ratio than the stock 3.45 as I pretty much...
  6. Who's running a front Aussie locker?

    Good point. I think having it installed could make 4x4 driving on the road very difficult with no slip between LF and RF wheels.
  7. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    Shouldn't be a problem, the torque wasn't that high on them and they aren't in an awkward location, so it's not like you're stuck making 1/4 turns while racking your knuckles against a cross member. A ratchet should be fine.
  8. Who's running a front Aussie locker?

    I second the interest from the OP. I imagine it behaves similar to a Detroit locker, which means when you're cruising around in 2WD it will remain disengaged up front, but as soon as you're in 4WD and apply throttle it should engage and lock your front axle. Really simple passive system rather...
  9. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    Btw, I did change the diff fluids since that original post, and it was incredibly easy. I was expecting to need to remove the covers and have a huge mess and have to replace a gasket... but it was as simple as unbolting a drain plug, wrapping the threads in thread sealing tape, putting the drain...
  10. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    It's pretty easy, just 4 bolts. I used an impact driver and got it off in less than 30 seconds and it went back on about that quick. You don't have to remove it, but I think you'll find it's a lot easier to access everything if you just get it out of the way.
  11. City With Highest Concentration of Wranglers?

    Quite a bit all over North Carolina, particularly Charlotte. Not sure how it compares to places out west though.
  12. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Love the wheels and tires! Mind sharing what wheels those are? (I suppose I could look around and see if you posted that somewhere else but I'm a tad lazy)
  13. Sick and tired of Los Angeles housing market

    My wife and I are similar in age, make half your income and comfortably afforded a nice 3 bedroom house with a detached garage that has a loft above it in a desirable suburb of Charlotte, NC, 15 minutes from the city. Weather is great. We're 2 hours from the mountains and 3 hours from the ocean...
  14. What else is in your garage (besides JL)

    Lots of work to do, but in the process of building a 2003 Sportster into a Cafe Racer
  15. 'em

    Love Newfies and St. Bernards! My wife grew up with St. Bernards and I had a chocolate lab, so we went down the middle and got two Newfies.
  16. Charlotte, NC Area - Shops

    Another Huntersville JL here as well!
  17. Sun shade take off or leave on all year?

    I leave mine on, though I'm just tall enough that my hair barely touched it and annoys me... So Yea, I've considered taking it off during the winter.
  18. Warranty worth it?

    At the end of the day, it's still a Chrysler, so I assume I'll get very strange problems. I think a warranty is worth it.
  19. New Member Saying Hello!!

    Hello, and good color selection!
  20. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Ford isn't exactly doing great right now. I have heard some speculation from people in the industry about the Bronco ever being launched. I get wanting to keep projects secret until they're unveiled, but the lack of information and some information being contradictory going on for this long...