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  1. Selling 7” Jeep radio $400

    Does this include the bezel?
  2. High Fives / Peace

    My girlfriend waves when she drives my Wrangler. She was super stoked about 3 weeks ago when she got a wave in her Grand Cherokee and got to wave back.
  3. New York *SOLD* Upstate NY Dealership has 8 JLU deluxe soft tops for sale

    Yes thank you very much for this. It's one hell of a steal.
  4. Go Topless Event for 2019

    Where and When is that?
  5. New York SOLD!! JL Unlimited Premium Soft Top $1500

    if you're ever driving through PA let me know
  6. WTB 5 Rubi Wheels & Tire Takeoffs - Pittsburgh, Pa

    :fist bump: You bet. Good Luck.
  7. WTB 5 Rubi Wheels & Tire Takeoffs - Pittsburgh, Pa

    call me crazy but i've always considered pittsburgh western
  8. Deals in PA?

    I went down to koons for their 6% off invoice.
  9. Colorado (5) OEM Rubicon 17" wheels and 33" BFG KO2's - PENDING SALE

    That's a great deal. Wish you were closer to PA.
  10. For Sale 5 Rubicon KO2 tires.... Tires SOLD!

    If my girlfriend wasn't studying for the bar exam right now, which is even precluding us from our normal cape cod trip, I would be all about it.
  11. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    What would be the ruling on tube doors in this situation?
  12. For Sale 5 Rubicon KO2 tires.... Tires SOLD!

    If you end out anywhere near PA/MD I'll take both the tires and the rock rails if you still have them.
  13. PLEASE FILL OUT - Wind Noise Survey

    Completed. Good luck with this.
  14. JLWF / Superchips Giveaway: Flashcal Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL [Ended]

    Interested and signed up. It seems like the website either doesn't like google chrome autofill or capital letters.
  15. JLWF / ExtremeTerrain Giveaway: ICI Magnum RT Series Cab Length Side Step Bars [Ended]

    Catalog Requested- Check Interest Given - Check Won Giveaway - Pending