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  1. Jeeper in Seattle tries to run kids over because of snow balls

    But they did show the moments leading up to the reckless driver - they were having a snowball "fight" and yes, it did appear that someone threw one at the passenger window of the passing Jeep. But her actions were enough to be caught on video - totally over the top. Bad day for her I guess...
  2. Rear Windshield Wiper

    Two words - Remote Start. Other than that I cannot think of a way to conveniently keep it off the glass. Popping it out cannot be done with the spare. Perhaps wedging something between the arm and glass that wouldn't freeze to the glass or scratch (wood?).
  3. Depreciation on loaded '18 JLUR - sale/trade-in experiences

    Right now there's tons of left over 2018' s out there so dealers aren't going to wheel and deal on another being used. I think those high resale #'s are from years of data. The JL is only a year old. Maybe those that plan on trading so early should lease. As for me - I'm happy with what I...
  4. Jeep Steering Wheel Stitching Issue??

    @shicken562 I don't think that's blue stitching but rather the foam that must be inside the steering wheel cover. In the second pic though - that's some bad stitching and might warrant a replacement wheel is my guess.
  5. Jeep owner uses JL to assist police pursuit, draws gun and fires

    My thoughts. Guy is a dumb @ss. He first fires while the police officer is still next to the vehicle as it speeds away. Did he try to do right, yes but in no way do you fire towards anyone without an intent to kill. Neat but he wrecked his Jeep and put a deputy in danger. Watch the last few...
  6. Installing seat heaters

    Spend the extra few hundred the Cold Weather Package will add. You won't regret it. Comes with heated steering wheel and each seat has 3 levels of settings. You'll never duplicate that in an aftermarket product and it's most likely cost prohibitive or impossible to install the factory system...
  7. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Oh let's see....the top one is from this artist in Ft Collins who makes CO wood flags, amongst other items. The bottom one is actually quite funny - I was at the barbers waiting and they had a bunch of different stickers. This one was for some sort of hair gel as they call "product". You know...
  8. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    At King Soopers...well aged Sahara :jk::jk:
  9. Third Part Fob size

    Well, I'll try to tackle this. Yes, all fobs are the same size AFAIK. Battery fits inside that grey surround so that's not what causes it to be wider. The Key appears to be culprit but it's not - just compared it to our '16 Honda. Same thickness and yet longer. My only conclusions are: the...
  10. Temperature reads 41 degrees

    Yep - mine will do that occasionally. The best correlation I've found is if the sun is hitting the front of the Jeep and no wind. I'm not sure where the thermostat is but my guess is somewhere up close to the grille. But the seats and steering wheel heat up so fast that it doesn't matter to me.
  11. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    1500 miles - no issues. Steering is perfect along with everything else. Sept build date
  12. Another mystery wire

    That's a Russian bug! There must be a conspiracy at the factory...hmmm...Russian spy implanted that in YOUR Jeep. Alright @geospyder ...what do you know we don't? You live in NV...Area 51 sound familiar? Uh huh....
  13. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    I don't know. I think think they are cool. And one persons idea of camping may not be another's. My idea of camping is in the semi-middle of nowhere with the jeeps parked close to the "camp". The Flight For Life helicopter parked there was taking it a bit too far. But hey, life happens and the...
  14. Am I the only weirdo that looks back at his Jeep after it's parked?!?

    I've caught mine on my Ring Doorbell vids a few times...not that I'm purposely looking at the video to see how cool it looks when the wheels "turn backwards" while driving forward. Rather I'm just making sure the video is capturing when its supposed to. :blush:
  15. Argh. Mopar tailgate table missing parts.

    Just curious but won't that stove get too hot on the bottom for the Molle bag straps?
  16. Keyfob battery cover doesn’t fit well

    It's not too far off from being closed but mine doesn't look quite that far apart. Perhaps the battery isn't seated properly or something else is in the way (buttons not seated. Have you tried taking the cover off, checking out everything or fit then closing it?
  17. So this happened.

    Yep - such a controversial subject being real or fake. I say they are for looks only:
  18. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    Yup - it's not just Jeeps but any convertible - premium (aka cloth) or not (aka vinyl). The top will tighten when cold. If it's up no biggy - the frame holds it in place well. But if it's down there's no constant stretch put on it so it shrinks a bit. Here's a quick clip to explain in detail: