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  1. Jeep upgrader that works with dealership?

    Do they warranty and/or service them? I heard about how Roush works with Ford and wondering if Jeep works with anyone like that.
  2. Jeep upgrader that works with dealership?

    Do any Jeep dealerships partner with a Jeep upgrader so you can buy an upgraded build from a dealership?
  3. Returning a lease with Gobi roof rack

    With everything going on I ended up returning the lease with the rack still installed. :(
  4. Returning a lease with Gobi roof rack

    Ok so hard to say what they'll do if I turn it in with the rack installed. Anyone in the central/southern CA area willing to remove it and make a deal? Just send me a PM. It's for a 4-door.
  5. Returning a lease with Gobi roof rack

    I leased a JL soft top and installed the Gobi exoskeleton roof rack. I planned to remove the rack before returning the lease but installing it took a lot longer than I thought. Does anyone know how they will handle it if I turn the lease in with the rack still installed?
  6. Jerry Can mount?

    That looks pretty awesome. I went with the one from Rock Slide and I like it but when you open the tailgate all the way the Rotopax lock can crack the taillight.
  7. Mechanical problem!

    I will. Thanks guys. It's nice to go in there with information.
  8. Mechanical problem!

    For the last couple days my manual JLU is having some kind of a mechanical issue. When I hit the gas the engine revs for much longer before it engages/torques than it did before and it's getting worse quickly. There's also a smell like a burning clutch that's getting worse at the same time...
  9. Towing a utility trailer

    The trick turned out to be not ratchet strapping it *down* but ratchet strapping it to each side rail. With one strap pulling left and one strap pulling right it's impossible for the bike to tip over.
  10. Towing a utility trailer

    So I went with this trailer: But ratchet strapping the trike down doesn't seem to be working. I used two straps and made them extremely tight but I can't tow it 20 feet on gravel before the...
  11. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Mine are adjustable too but the distance between as they're shipped is 38.5".
  12. Towing a utility trailer

    Just thought of something. Without a mesh floor how will I attach the straps? Using the trailer rail on the outside of each bike will work but what about the inside sides of the two bikes that face each other. On that side I could try to route the straps through the bikes but could be tricky...
  13. Towing a utility trailer

    Great point about crap getting flung all over the bikes from underneath. How about this one: I have to stick to Tractor Supply unless I have it shipped. EDIT: Actually I could do Home Depot...
  14. Towing a utility trailer

    Just local in fact possibly not on public roads. Having said that, it would be nice to be able to take them on the freeway if necessary. This one would be really nice since it can fold up: Any other folding...
  15. Towing a utility trailer

    Thanks for everyone's help with this. I am talking about two electric bicycles and they're each 100+ pounds. I should have mentioned that from the beginning. A hitch rack won't work because these are actually tricycles with two wheels in front so I can't use something with support designed to...
  16. Towing a utility trailer

    I'm planning to buy a utility trailer like this one for a couple of heavy e-bikes: I've never towed anything before. What do I need besides the trailer?
  17. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Isn't the JLU Gobi available now? I have mine and it's great aside from a couple annoyances I think I can fix.
  18. Jerry Can mount?

    Yeah but what to attach it to? There's a thick wire behind the spare tire I'm considering.
  19. Jerry Can mount?

    I have this installed and it seems great. Any suggestions for how to handle all of the extra strapping length? I could cut it but then I think it would kind of slap around and fray. I need to leave some extra length to take it on and off...