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  1. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    Honestly, the Wrangler is exhausting on the highway. It takes 100% of your attention to keep it straight and in your lane. In a normal car, when you drop your sandwich, there’s a reasonable expectation that you’ll maintain a relatively straight trajectory — at least long enough to scoop the...
  2. Any have issues with denied claims under Mopar Extended Protection Plans?

    Your extended warranty isn’t quite as easy as your manufacturer’s warranty. Think of your car’s extended warranty like a home owner’s insurance policy. Every time something goes wrong and you make a claim, you have to plead your case to an “investigator” whose job it is to protect the best...
  3. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    Congrats! Having just the freedom panels off is like a windier version of a sunroof (because there’s no deflector). Having the top off is like a bigger sunroof. A sunshade makes a huge difference with wind (not as much wind), and makes it a tad quieter. It also keeps you from frying in the sun...
  4. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    I’m just amazed that there was someone at Car & Driver who said, “We just got some new Broncos and Wranglers and we should drag race them.” Then an editor said, “Great idea.” Then they had a graphic designer design time graphs and they published it like it’s groundbreaking news. “Next week, for...
  5. Music Skips When Connected via USB?

    Here’s the fix. Make sure you get the one with electronic shock protection. Also, use the tape adaptor instead of the FM transmitter. It sounds better. Should fix most of your skipping.
  6. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    Got the update and I’m also about 50/50 with the backup lines. I used to never lose them. Not sure what happened.
  7. Annoying quiet rattle cold engine

    I run 93 in mine all the time to keep it from pinging. The manual says pinging is normal. Guess that’s easier than fixing it.
  8. Annoying quiet rattle cold engine

    My engine sounds like a diesel when it’s cold. Always makes me cringe. But it also pings when it’s warm. And it drinks oil. You know how people would put 300K miles on an old Toyota truck and feel bad about selling it because it still ran perfectly? Yeah, this isn’t that.
  9. Minor issues growing in frequency

    If it makes you feel better, we just bought a new Toyota Highlander Platinum that is absolutely plagued with issues and some massive design flaws. It either takes two visits and a fight to be addressed or everything “performs as designed.” Or they just replace stuff and call it done without...
  10. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    When I first bought the Jeep I thought I’d have it open all the time. Haven’t taken the top or doors off in two years. It’s either too hot or too cold. My commute is mostly highway and I feel like I’m just being assaulted by the wind for a half hour. The kids hate it. My wife isn’t a fan. We...
  11. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    Those three are basically the same cover with a different brand. I have the Mopar version and it works well for nights at the beach or rainstorms while you’re parked at work. Takes 3 minutes to put on and folds up to fit under the storage lid in the trunk. It’s secure enough to stay on all...
  12. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    Are you talking about Uconnect or Apple CarPlay? Because CarPlay lives on your device. I’d bet $500 that the issue is with your phone. My phone and my kids’ phones connect flawlessly almost every single time. My wife’s phone takes three tries to connect most times in both cars.
  13. Interesting call from my dealer...

    I’m impressed that these old school sales tactics still work. People who walk in the door because the dealership “wants your vehicle” and then get shafted because they’re too busy staring at a payment number are a dealership’s dream.
  14. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    I remember the old roll bars being really skinny. The pads beefed them up and made them look better. The JL’s roll cage is much more than bars now—it’s really a frame with large openings. In fact, when you look at the JLU from the top, you’re really just looking at a couple of sunroofs. The...
  15. Scumbag Alert!!!

    Not to be a d*ck but I’m amazed people still fall for these scams.
  16. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    I think the Wrangler's biggest issue is not the reliability or quality –– it's the dealership service departments. They're awful and they know it. Once you get it back, I'd bet you'll be good for a long while of trouble free ownership. I'm hitting 50K miles and I've been pleasantly surprised...
  17. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    That's frustrating. And yeah, the WeatherTech customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
  18. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    The corners always curl in on mine. It’s happened on every set I’ve had from WT. Just bought a Highlander that came with thick rubber mats (not the WeatherTech thin hard plastic) that are awesome. It’s actually the only thing on the car I do like.
  19. Maryland Set of 5 coveted Sahara wheels

    Sorry, sold them a while back and forgot to mark as sold. For reference, they had the stock H/T Bridgestones and I got $250 for them on Craigslist.
  20. Mopar all weather floor mats (would you buy again)

    Is there a fitted rubber mat set? I have Weathertech and they lose their shape after about a year. Had a set of fitted rubber mats in a BMW that stayed perfect for five years.