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  1. Water sloshing in/leaking from roof?

    My brand new Rubicon Unlimited, with the sky touch roof, seems to have water in the roof frame. I can hear it sloshing around when I drive - and when I stop short water comes in by the front passenger door and windshield. Has anyone had this issue? My husband spotted two Allen key screws...
  2. Delays in production- wranglers

    Rubicon Unlimited, manual, sky touch roof and pretty much every other option. I loved her when I ordered her, but she’s even prettier than I imagined.
  3. Delays in production- wranglers

    The Rubicon I ordered arrived at the dealer this week - 11 months later.
  4. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    They aren’t prioritizing Canadian Rubicon orders. I ordered mine (manual, Sky One Touch roof, cold weather package, etc. - fully loaded) in October, was given a May ship date, and was told last week that even though It was assigned VIN, it won’t be built. My order now has been canceled.
  5. Delays in production- wranglers

    So the plot thickens. Within an hour of being told I absolutely would not get the Rubi I ordered and should cancel my order, the dealer had a Sahara Unlimited arrive with every option I had requested on the Rubi except the colour. WTF? Why is FCA building spec cars when they have active orders?
  6. Delays in production- wranglers

    Was just told me Jeep will not be built - in spite of being in D1 since April. Blaming unavailability of chips for the roof and cold weather package. Being sick of the runaround, I have canceled my order. Jeep will not be getting this Canadian’s money.
  7. Delays in production- wranglers

    I got the same response from FCA Canada. My dealer just says there is nothing they can do and they will call me when it comes in - no other info.
  8. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Translation: Jeep doesn’t care about Canada.
  9. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    I’ve been sitting at D1 status for 6 weeks at this point.
  10. Delays in production- wranglers

    Called my dealer again today - got the usual “FCA won’t tell us anything”, “we want you to have your Jeep as much as you do”, “there’s nothing we can do but wait” response. I asked what my code is - they said D1 (which is where it has been for over a month).
  11. Delays in production- wranglers

  12. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    So jealous of all of you whose dealers actually are communicating and tracking your orders. I am officially in month 8 since ordering. I call my dealer and am told they can’t get any information and will let me know when it arrives.
  13. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Almost makes me wish the Rubi I ordered was a hybrid.
  14. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    We’ll poo. Nothing found on crypto - so I guess that window sticker wasn’t the sign I have been hoping for. I was really hoping to see my long awaited new ride this month. We’re now officially into month 8 since I ordered.
  15. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    I have a window sticker! The link someone posted finally worked for me!
  16. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    My May 11 estimate md ship date has come and gone, no update on my Jeep. Called my useless dealer, who said another customer’s Jeep with a May 7 estimated ship date had just shipped on the 11th, so mine should move soon. How (not) reassuring. Next week will be 7 months since I ordered.
  17. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    well crap - nothing comes up on the window sticker site either - guess that May 11 date was another fiction closing in on 7 months since ordering - crazy
  18. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Well crap. That did not work - no record matches my VIN. Last report from my dealer was a May 11 ship date (ordered Oct 26).
  19. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    How are you all getting build sheets or other info? My dealer is useless in terms of communication.
  20. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Anyone know roughly how long shipping takes from factory to Toronto?