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  1. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    Well yeah. My John deer can pull 20,000 lbs before I know it has something on the hitch. No effect on mileage.
  2. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    Gas powered vehicles are no different. If I tow an airstream with my truck my mpg drops by more than half which means I fill up more often. more high powered charging stations are needed to correct that challenge, which there is ample investment Halle info on that front. After driving my 4xe...
  3. Public Charging?

    that looks like a level 1 charger - only @ 7 kw. You were charged $2 for 2.4kw, which is only enough for 3 miles. In your case there you would have been better off buying some gas instead.
  4. Quality of Backup Camera

    I noticed the same thing. I currently have a 2020 JLUR and a 2021 JLUR 4XE and noticed that the backup camera on the 4xe particularly at night is a much lower quality image.
  5. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Confirmed no fitment issues with the arb bumper. Front camera is not quite as useful now but not terrible.
  6. 4xe - $12,500 proposed tax credit stopped my purchase

    Not to delve into politics, but counting on politicians for anything beyond them working for reelection does not seem like a sound strategy.
  7. 4xe Rubicon vs 2.0T Rubicon

    I currently own a 2020 2.0T JLUR, and a 2021 4XE JLUR. I absolutely love the 4XE. It is a plug in hybrid, so you can drive 21ish miles in pure electric before the gas engine kicks in. Driving in near complete silence other than road and fan noise is much more pleasant that I expected. Most...
  8. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Is it colored or just black to let the paint shine through?
  9. Water just pours in when it rains

    Stick some putty/silicone etc in the end of the rain channel.
  10. Trail crawling with battery only

    Awesome- just needs the Jurassic park sound track going
  11. New Jeep Quick Off-Gassing Solutions SOLVED AND ENDED

    New car smell is the hard plastics off gassing primarily. To speed up the process you need heat. Park the jeep with all the windows up, crank the heat to high, and leave it running for an hour.
  12. New to the JL Community

    Welcome! Have you driven a lifted JL with larger tires? Lot of new folks are shocked when they throw a lift and bigger tires and all the sudden the jeep drives very differently. Good luck on the build and welcome to the community.
  13. Red cost to change blue exterior accents

    reviving an old thread here but this seems like a good starting point - anyone know the closest spray paint product to match the blue accents on a 4xe? I want to swap the ARB bumper from my 2020 JLUR to the 2021 4xe JLUR that we picked up today, but really like the blue accents - I want to...
  14. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Awesome- congrats on two beautiful Jeeps!
  15. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    They actually delivered mine- for $500 was well worth not taking a whole day of the weekend to pick up. Loving the 4xe- driving under full electric is much nicer than I had expected. 30 mpg so far.
  16. Is a house really an investment?

    Interesting question. I bought my first house when I realized my mortgage was $50/month more than I was paying to rent an apartment. houses generally tend to go up in value, but that’s not a guarantee. renting does for you flexibility- outside of a penalty for breaking a lease there isn’t much...