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  1. Alpine IR front UCA clamp angle

    The clamps can be close in clearance in they way they are assembled, but they should clear the frame during arm movement. However they can be rotated on the arm if a different position is desired.
  2. Alpine IR LCA Squeak?

    I sent you a message. :like:
  3. Falcon SP2 Shocks

    If your Nitto's are E rated 25-30 PSI should be more ideal. 25 tire PSI is the typical threshold that the Falcon's are tested at.
  4. How much bump stop? Falcon SP2 3.3 (2-4.5")

    SP2 and non SP2 shocks are the same length. :like:
  5. JLU Sport Build

    The 37's will only fit with the ST3 lift 100% if you have the high clearance Rubicon fenders. With the lower factory Sport/Sahara fenders you run the risk of the tires rubbing the fenders on the up travel of the suspension. However the 37's should fit okay if you ran flat fenders.
  6. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    A common misconception is Falcon shocks only work with linear springs; which is false. On the JK Falcons it is true that they were tuned in Teraflex linear springs, but they work with with both linear and progressive rate springs. However, on the JL Falcon's they where tuned in with the dual...
  7. 18- 20% over GVR. What would you do?

    You should be completely fine at that weight. At most make sure you change the front and rear diff oils sooner than later, and any other related fluids. Otherwise I wouldn't stress it.
  8. "HOLES" on Front DIFF? '18 Sahara

    100% normal. Those are the "plug holes" where they weld the tubes to the center pumpkin after they're pressed in. They're just spot welds to hold the tubes in place as a precaution.
  9. Clayton vs TeraFlex 2.5”. Lifts

    Nice, the RT series lifts are top tier. The included Alpine IR control arms are really nice. That being said; if you're only planning on weekend wheeling the CT or even ST would still suit your needs if you're looking to save a bit on the purchase price.
  10. Clayton vs TeraFlex 2.5”. Lifts

    Which 2.5 Teraflex lift are you looking at?
  11. BF Goodrich Off-road Wiper Blades?

    They look to be a completely normal wiper blade with fancy tread design on the outside. No doubt they may look cool, but I don't see a single advantage.
  12. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Yeah, I would be concerned about that too. I would agree that they are on the blue spectrum.
  13. At the end of my rope of steering issues.***FIXED!****

    Check the tire balance. Some tires can be out of round and it's more noticeable when they're cold. See if another Jeeper will let you swap over 4 different tires and see if it drives different.
  14. What does everyone do with their stock parts?

    I usually hold onto them to if they're not worth a ton and I'll donate them to someone if they have a damaged or worn out part. Worst case I've given parts to my local Jeep group or Jeep shop to help them fix people's Jeeps.
  15. Will I notice a major change in vehicle tracking with steering stabilizer?

    Higher end steering stabilizers, especially the "through shaft" designs can unwanted reduce steering wheel feedback and help reduce flightiness from cross winds. They do not however fix issues with worn out parts, bad alignments, or improper suspension geometry.
  16. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    Get recovery gear or a winch. Can't tell you how many times having that stuff saved my butt! It's worth having it before you need it.
  17. Play in tie rod and drag link

    Completely normal. Rotational play like that is expected so they won't bind during/with suspension travel. It's the vertical or in and out movement, or the side to side movement that you really have to watch for.
  18. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    I'm running a Smittybilt X20 12K winch and the fairlead is a Factor 55 Prolink. Both survived the accident without any damage btw.
  19. JLU vs Equinox shows steel bumper strength

    I got into an accident with my JKU with my AEV bumper and it looked completely fine; I even drove home no issue. However when my body shop inspected my Jeep they found that the frame was tweaked in a few places, the trans mount was bent, and 7 of the 10 body mounts were bent too. Ended up being...
  20. Let’s Talk Springs and Shocks for a minute

    Sorry, I believe you have the wrong thread and wrong person. Teraflex does not offer regearing outside of new upgraded and geared axle housings.