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  1. Long Range Automotive Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    I put an order in for a long ranger, I was told 14 weeks from time of order is the wait.
  2. Who else is patiently waiting

    I didn't know Castle Hill was open? I have to pop in to see Leslie
  3. Do you think we will ever see street legal JL half doors in Australia?

    You can't get fined for not locking your doors of you have none! ;)
  4. Cost to Replace Jeep JL Backup Camera?

    Yes, in 2021 models I hear the rear camera quality dropped significantly, and I can tell a huge difference between my front camera to the rear camera. Both in day and night.
  5. Cost to Replace Jeep JL Backup Camera?

    Are there any other options for higher quality backup cameras that wire up and work like stock?
  6. What tyres do you plan to run on your JL in Oz

    They look great. What do they rub on?
  7. AC Inverter not working

    2021 Sting Grey, no the AC inverter for the rear passengers
  8. Reversing lines not showing

    You can always try turning everything off and on again, ie. disconnect the battery or batteries entirely and see if a full reset helps.
  9. Who else is patiently waiting

    Too bad about the alloys, but great colour :)
  10. AC Inverter not working

    So 2 pin cord worked also? I only tested 2 pin
  11. AC Inverter not working

    Hi all, Is there anything you have to do to get the AC inverter in the back working? Mine just doesn't seem to supply any power.
  12. AEV 2.5"

    I think install the lift and see how it goes, then buy the rest after.
  13. Front and rear bars in Australia

    No, but that is a really nice bumper, prefer it over the ARB. Good to watch the instructions to see if it will have the same issue of hitting the body if bumped hard enough from the bottom.
  14. Front Lower Control Arm and AEV 2.5” DualSport Suspension Lift Question

    I installed it just the other week. I installed the geometry correction brackets for front control arms set for the caster for a 2.5" lift, and when I went to get the wheel alignment they couldn't get my caster right, so it is almost 1 degree off where it should be. I plan to just wait and see...
  15. Front and rear bars in Australia

    I don't remember, mainly because I don't want to know, but it was from quadratec and expensive shipping. Plus they charge more for the little corner pieces that go from the bumper up to the guard. The tyre caddy does give an extra 40L which is good.
  16. Front and rear bars in Australia

    I have a spare Stryker rear bar and relocation bracket that is for sale. I was going to install it but then went with the aev rear bar with fuel caddy and tyre holder. I read about issues with bumpers that get pushed up into the car body, and I believe both the Stryker and aev don't have this...
  17. Aussie 2021 Granite Crystal JLUR build

    It's looking really good :)
  18. What tyres do you plan to run on your JL in Oz

    Which MyCar location was that, and how did you manage that? I was there for the same tyres today but the best they offered was 450!
  19. Australian interior AUX switches on Rubicon

    A final pic of the loom for anybody having a similar problem in the future.
  20. Australian interior AUX switches on Rubicon

    I've found it, legend, thanks so much for the help!! So it was indeed the wires going across into the transmission tunnel, I just had to tug hard at them and they pulled out from the tunnel. See the blue arrow in the pic.