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  1. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Started off easy enough. The gear box showed up the day after ordering but the bolts... 2 weeks of should be in... might be in.. no ETA... looks like tomorrow and so on... Anyhow ... 2.5 weeks later and work complete... sorta drives like a totally different Jeep, and how it’s supposed to feel...
  2. Chrysler Financial - early lease return fail

    So, great... everyone has an opinion ...but did you get your attorney referral you originally asked for?
  3. Every JL owner needs to do this in 5 minutes, fixed my steering and other inconsistencies. FUSES!

    Just checked the fuses on my 2020 and sure enough... 90% needed that extra push. I’m not expecting the unicorn co-pilot upgrade or 73 miles to the gallon now but what IS fixed for sure is lightly seated fuses are now tightly seated.
  4. First road trip in the JL (quick report + pics)

    Great pics and write up thanks for sharing!
  5. Sirius trial running out...

    So my SiriusXM trial was running out on my 18 JLU sport. So seemed like the only reasonable thing to do was to renew the trial... SiriusXM listener care said I can’t renew the subscription as a trial so I said... “challenge accepted!!” cut to my new 2020 JLUR!! “Renewed” my 1 year trial! I...
  6. Jeep Wave —> No Jeep

    You know what makes Jeep culture cool is that it brings people that may otherwise not come together together to chat and share their experiences. And even better is that we don’t try to tear anyone down when they post some mundane thing they just thought was funny... oh no wait. This IS what’s...
  7. Jeep Wave —> No Jeep

    Like a good Jeep owner I’m waving to oncoming Jeep brethren as I head down the road this morning.. none of whom were waving back... thinking to myself “normally there is a much better response around my neighborhood” ... The. I realize, I’m driving the Wifes’ Mercedes today!!! Doh...
  8. FCA Recall and good service

    This is a great thread in a sea of “the dealership is [insert insult here] thanks for sharing. here on the west coast Tuttle Click in Irvine has done right by me and Don, the service manager reached out personally when I expressed a concern for a separate issue. Good service does deserve the...
  9. V-41 fix?

    Dealership did mine yesterday. Now I get 64 mpg city and a unicorn copilot tells me how handsome I am all the time now!! of course I joke... I’m not that handsome. but... they installed it correctly and I do notice a better feel in the steering. It’s not life changing but certainly makes more...
  10. New Radio - lost trial year of Sirius

    So I had radio issues and dealership deemed the replacement of the radio would be the fix... well I picked it up and my subscription is gone. Called Sirius and they said that they don’t transfer trial subscriptions to new radios. Really?!? So through no fault of mine I lose months of free...
  11. V-41 fix?

    Brought mine in for the recall... appointment, confirmation as to why it was there and they kept it for 2 days. I did add the next oil change tire rotation to the mix and a UConnect issue but here’s the kicker.. end of day 2 received the call from service saying they were able to get the oil/...
  12. Tops off... Dogs in

    Remember back when all I wanted was some good advice on some products to help keep the dogs save in a jeeps with the top off. Ah those were the days. Thanks to those who positively contributed.
  13. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    Thanks! Your folks are on it! the @JeepCares people have been very good to me and I appreciate the assistance y'all provide!
  14. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    well I guess I get to join the club! had the 1st change and sure as Sh**, paperwork shows 6q and dealership denied it even in the face of the dipstick overage. They are not willing to perform the do-over and really, im not willing to visit that dealership again. S0... Not only am I looking for a...
  15. Tops off... Dogs in

    all great ideas going on here! Ordered a few things to help keep the pup safe!! Thanks!
  16. Tops off... Dogs in

    Okay. To be clear this is not a current issue, so far my dog loves the back seat with the top off, keeping him pretty confined within the Jeep ... but I would hate for it to become an issue so... Jeep dog people... when the tops are off how do you make sure the pup stays in? Thoughts?
  17. Sold: WTB : JLU Rubi Rails w/ hardware [Southern California]

    Looking to pick up a pair of your take off Rubi Rails with the hardware to mount them. Would prefer to add the scratches myself but reasonable wear considered. Willing to trade my cash for your rails. SoCal meaning - Irvine to the North and Oceanside to the South. Okay then. Thanks.