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  1. Aftermarket Steel Bumpers for Slightly Modified Jeep’s

    Here's my no lift sport with stock tires and stubby bumper. I love it, though I do look forward to raising it an inch or three and wearing these tires out to get some with a nicer profile. It's all up to you. I love the fully exposed front tire aesthetically, regardless of other mods.
  2. Factory fog light into new steel bumper

    Those! Can I venmo you 20 and my address? Lol
  3. Factory fog light into new steel bumper

    And thanks for the info on the EAG. I know its always a risk. Hopefully the garage and being in the south will help on the rust
  4. Factory fog light into new steel bumper

    They're pretty smashed up but this is one of them. They go on the little white balls on the posts of the light in the other pic
  5. Factory fog light into new steel bumper

    I installed a new steel bumper last night, and while doing so, I seem to have mistaken some components of the fog light for fasteners holding it to the vehicle. To those that are familiar, I'm speaking of the 3 small black caps that hold the light to the harness. Anyway, those are needed in...
  6. KIWI MASTER 9 Inch Round LED Headlights Halo

    Just installed the cross/plus/d-pad version. Love them. These are solid lights, and the install is a breeze.
  7. Leather Console Lid with Wireless Charger Installed

    I need a simultaneous trigger pull on this and AAuto Wireless.
  8. Is Bronco worth the wait?

    Might I ask what the issue with frameless doors would be? That's one of the things that I think Bronco has the Wrangler beat on. All the good of half doors w/o the weirdness of uppers? As far as the roll cage, I can take it or leave it either way. Open sky would be pretty cool, but speaker...
  9. Panel gap and new sticker found

    LOL! If you don't make 4mm panel gaps, I am going to request that HR put you each on a 12 month remediation plan, and we will review your feelings prior to making a final decision to make sure that your psychological safety is maintained. In the event that you are a part of an unplanned...
  10. TFL Tommy talks... Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    This was an excellent video. Ultimately, they're comparable but with trade-offs that differentiate them. Bronco is beefier and softer; Wrangler has better material and build quality. The single most important difference though is the one brought up at the end - availability. I didn't reserve...
  11. Current music in your Jeep?

    Mostly 90s alternative, punk, and hip hop. My musical tastes are stuck in high school...
  12. JL vs. JK front bumpers

    Thanks, so if I like a JK bumper, I can give it a go. Worst case is I need to spend the 80 on the brackets.
  13. JL vs. JK front bumpers

    I'm in the market for a new bumper, and I'm running across significantly different price points based on JL & JK (JL costing more). Check these two - almost $100 difference and the detail pics are the same images.
  14. Time to show your mpg shot. Post up what you get so other can know what to expect.

    I didn't take a picture, though I will next time. I got 26.something on my trip back from Charlotte (to north of Atlanta). That's on the 3.6 in a JLUS mostly stock.
  15. Now It Gets Interesting. Tommy's Dad Purchased A Bronco With Sasquatch Package.

    It's not a game changer or anything, but I love the frameless doors. It makes top off/doors on look so much better off the lot.
  16. Topless Trek?

    As long as your not parking overnight in a city or something, you should be fine. Maybe get a bimini/bikini top to keep the sun managed. It's only a question of comfort and security, which only you can answer.
  17. Jeep fail

    Fair enough. Most of the negative reactions seemed to be based more on the fact that OP expected proper QC on the most expensive Wrangler to ever hit the lot. These are your flagship buyers who you don't want having a bad taste in their mouth on a $20 QC issue. And as someone who came from a...
  18. Jeep fail

    I don't understand the hate for OP on this one... Sure, it was written in a somewhat ranty fashion, but who doesn't love a little Dennis Miller from time to time. Look, when you drop a load of cash on the top of the line model of anything, you're paying to have something built with pride and...