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  1. Tire weight in decision process?

    the original mtz was a great tire on the rocks and it performed great in the mud. I only put on a couple thousand miles over the 10 years they were on my trail rig so not sure about tread life. It was on par with the original mtr which is preferred by most in regards to the current mtr.
  2. Best cargo liner for JLUR

    this does the trick for me. No cargo netting needed. It has a fan and is lockable as well. It washes out easily and is easily moved in and out since it is aluminum.
  3. Checking toe - easy and accurate

    Chalk line works just fine too. Been doing it for years.
  4. Washing Naked..? (Possible Dumb Question)

    There is a huge difference between rain and the pressure of a water hose, spray nozzle or pressure washer.
  5. Washing Naked..? (Possible Dumb Question)

    Might consider covering the dash while washing.
  6. Max Tongue Weight for Rubicon Unlimited JL

    Carrying a few bicycles on a trail style rack will make the rear end squat to the point where it is extremely noticeable. I also have to use an extension to clear the spare. The extension adds a lot of leverage.
  7. Do you think Plasti Dip will adversely affect synthetic winch line?

    Whatever bonding agent is in the material can probably degrade the line. If you are really concerned about it, use a winch cover or fabricate a cover if it’s mounted low in the bumper
  8. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    We had the luxury of seeing it from a birds eye view. We didn’t have the ability to see in detail if there was anything next to the suspect or hear anything the suspect was saying. . Here’s the thing about suspects getting injured. If he had yielded like 99.9% of people, he wouldn't have rolled...
  9. Sourgrass trail run, early June

    And for the record, if you guys can go on Saturday, I’m prob good to go. Sunday is a no go.
  10. Sourgrass trail run, early June

    Done it 5 times or so with a stock rubicon. No problems as long as the water flow isn’t so high you can’t see the riverbed due to the rapids.
  11. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    How long is that guys neck because that looks to be between the shoulder blades? I’m completely against kneeling on a neck for the record.
  12. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    Was there a weapon in the car right next to him which caused them to move him away from it before he had a chance to grab it? Was he threatening to shoot? Was there another critically injured person inside the car that was not able to be treated because the suspect was in the way? We don’t...
  13. JL leads Florida cops on car chase and flips over after pit maneuver

    People run for a reason. Have you ever chased down a suspect that was hell bent on getting away? From your post, that answer is no. Once you corner a suspect, they make bad choices that can have fatal consequences for all involved. If you need to get someone into a better position to see or...
  14. Carrying a bike without a hitch

    I use a Yakima fourtimer with a backswing adapter. I have to use an extension to get it to clear the spare tire. On the extension is use a tensioner plate with a u-bolt that tightens the extension to the hitch itself. It’s a very solid setup with that and the anti rattle bolt pins that the...
  15. Dog kennels

    Well after all the crickets I heard, I ordered the impact 34” side door with their bed and a fan kit to keep her cool.
  16. Texas WTB Front Rubicon OEM steel bumper

    One popped up in San Antonio today. Check the forum.
  17. Added small decals today

    I added this custom graphic when it was months old. Branch broke and kicked up on a trail.