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  1. Critique my upcoming Trip to Colorado

    Appreciate your input, I will definitely reconsider. Regarding that video, I think that was bleepinjeep, and yeah that looked scary as hell.
  2. Critique my upcoming Trip to Colorado

    Definitely not going to do Black Bear Pass without my usual group. Going to stick to scenic trails since my wife and I will be by ourselves. We definitely won't be forgetting about Ouray. We are actually going to be spending the night in Ouray on 9/22 so we can rest up after our long drive.
  3. Critique my upcoming Trip to Colorado

    Hey everyone, My wife and I are planning on visiting Colorado 9/23 - 9/26 and I need a sanity check to make sure I haven't bit off more than I can chew. Our plan is to hit some scenic 4x4 trails and camp along the way in the San Juan mountains. Here is an overview of our itinerary: 9/23 -...
  4. ACE Engineering Bumper

    I ordered a front and rear bumper from Ace at the beginning of July and I am still waiting for them. I reached out 4 weeks into the waiting process and I was told it would be another 4 weeks at least. I think I am now on week 6, so we'll see when it eventually gets shipped.
  5. Rubicon crate axle swap on Sport. M210 wide steering linkage

    What about the emergency brake cable? Is the e-brake cable that comes with the sport long enough?
  6. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    I am going to be doing a D44 Swap on my 2018 JL Sport within the next month or two. Trying to get my head around what I will need to buy in addition to the axles themselves. So far it looks like I will need: - Rubicon length tierod. - Longer emergency brake cable (this one I am unsure about)...
  7. ACE Engineering Bumper

    What winch plate did you buy? I just pulled the trigger on this bumper and want to get it setup with the apex badland winch.
  8. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    Before I had my roof rack I would fold down the back seats and lay my Gazelle T4 tent in the back on the passenger side. This required me to push the passenger seat all the way forward, but it worked. I would say it's definitely possible to camp 4+ days using this setup. The hardest/annoying...
  9. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Did you get a rental? I would demand one if I had no other means of transportation.
  10. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Thanks. I reached out a couple of days ago and haven't heard back yet.
  11. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    This happened to me too. Check the alignment of your tailgate. After I installed my tire carrier the tailgate shifted more towards the driver's side (pro tip, compare the gap between the body of the jeep and the tailgate on the driver and passenger side to get an idea how off center you are)...
  12. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    I believe you would have to buy the backup camera mount. I dont see a way for the stock camera housing to attach to the tire carrier.
  13. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    I replaced this track bar a year after owning it because I was getting a knocking sound that was audible from inside the jeep when off-roading. My track bar had front to back play in it when I installed it but it never caused a knocking sound until a couple of weeks ago. I replaced it with a...
  14. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Anyone know the specs of the tailgate bolts (quantity 4) that bolts the tailgate to the hinges? I stripped one of mine and want to get a replacement. The instructions just say it's a m10 stainless steel truss bolt (the bolts that came in my kit weren't stainless steel). I found this...
  15. Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

    I assumed so. Thanks for confirming. I have a big Jeep trip coming up in a couple weeks and I don't want to have to worry about this just in case I don't get a replacement part sent to me by then.
  16. Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

    Add me to the list. My sector shaft brace wouldn't take any grease. I pulled it off and noticed that the brass ring has rotated. I'm going to reach out to synergy to get the newer part. In the meantime is my Jeep safe to drive without the sector shaft brace secured to their pitman arm nut?