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  1. JL/JT Dual Battery solutions with the "smart" alternator questions

    For those of you that know or own these systems, I've been watching quite a few videos from various people about dual battery setups. One main video posted by Andrew St Pierre white got me heavily confused. Now, reading the "how it works" from the genesis website, I clearly understand, and...
  2. Rust on Evo bomber Rock skins

    Those washers are too small or the holes are far too big. Water is collecting there and sitting. When installing those, they should have put a dab of RTV over the nutserts as well as the washer to make a nice seal. Seems like it's nothing more than a sloppy install. I'd take em off, get them...
  3. Lemon Law Arbitration vs. Litigation

    Who picked your arbitrator?
  4. Lemon Law Arbitration vs. Litigation

    Arbitration is often loser pays, so be careful. Arbitration (if the facts are on your side) is cheaper, no stupid jury to decide, just one arbitrator that is USUALLY pro consumer. If I had to choose (again, I dont know your specific case and how solid it is) I would probably lean a little bit...
  5. Teraflex vs. Icon vs. EVO

    EVO and ICON are serious suspension manufacturers, which is why they are used on Baja1000 trucks. EVO is bombproof, but has maintenance an hidden costs (like charging shocks with nitrogen). icon is well engineered and is a great system for a mostly road driven rig. If you’re a hardcore...
  6. Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU EcoDiesel First Drive Reviews and Performance Specs

    Load it up with massive tires, 1000lbs of winch, armor etc, passengers, gear, blah blah blah, and then see how it does against a gas motor. ;)
  7. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    The issue with tuning is, I won't trust some dude in a basement programming ECUs on his spare time to mess with my $60,000 vehicle, and companies that KNOW what they are doing, like Green Diesel, won't touch a USA vehicle. So yes, Im sure you CAN get a tune for your diesel, but IMHO, it wont be...
  8. Steering Related to 37" tires

    If you make it a habit of not turning the wheel while stationary on solid ground, you will have no issues.
  9. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    Not gonna work. I spoke to GDE....unless you REGISTER your vehicle in Canada, they are not selling you anything.
  10. Rough draft: Cost analysis of Diesel Wrangler

    Thats the problem, its nearly impossible to check for software issues, or issues that the software HASNT picked up yet (like a dying catalytic converter.).
  11. Rough draft: Cost analysis of Diesel Wrangler

    Jumping into this thread....I own a grand cherokee ecodiesel, 2014. It has 98000 faultless miles....until last week, where the check engine light went on. Brought it to the dealer (have the 120k warranty on it) and the diagnosis is the catalytic converter is dead, so it couldn't regen, so the...
  12. 3.0D Jeep Diesel now available for ordering! Priced at $6k.

    If you're buying the diesel and care about the mpg you're buying it for the wrong reason.
  13. 3.0D Jeep Diesel now available for ordering! Priced at $6k.

    You are 100% correct, the 3.6 in the JL vs the JK is night and day thanks to the 8 imagine that transmission with 442ft/lbs of torque.
  14. Rough draft: Cost analysis of Diesel Wrangler

    Who the hell would buy a diesel wrangler to save money? If you're trying to save money, you're buying the diesel for the wrong reasons
  15. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    Phillip Morris owns Kraft, but american cheese is still nicotine free lol. Cars are global these days, so worrying about WHERE the part was designed will basically make you avoid all cars.
  16. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    98,000 miles on our Ecodiesel Grand Cherokee, and it has been absolutely faultless. Also, the diesel in here is NOT a FIAT diesel.
  17. 2020 EcoDiesel Wrangler JLU and Willys JL Revealed at TX State Fair

    Be careful with that...I was considering the same thing, but I'm scared they will discontinue it. Im just going to get the extended warranty (through geico, not mopar, much less hassle) and hope for the best.
  18. Steersmarts yeti drag link failure

    I live in NJ and literally never met him....but I can smell (and see) bs when it's blatantly on display.
  19. Steersmarts yeti drag link failure

    Or......maybe you can read the fact that some of their parts broke, a lot, and Teraflex, instead of standing behind their product, blamed the owner for installer error vs covering the part under warranty. Again, stop reading and spreading nonsense.
  20. Steersmarts yeti drag link failure

    You realize you are accusing him of the SAME THING you are doing right? Repeating sh!t you read online without actual knowledge.....except only one of you is wrong, and it ain't him.