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  1. Steering Gear Upgrade

    So I had the upgrade done on Monday and everything seems to be fine. It took 2 days as they had to replace the track bar and they did not have one in stock. My steering was good before the upgrade, but now the steering feels tight and stays on center better. The jeep really tracks straight...
  2. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    I did the same, had to replace 4 split rails on back yard fence no issues
  3. Rubicon Diesel Test Drive (3rd time)

    Thanks for the feedback and insight
  4. Rubicon Diesel Test Drive (3rd time)

    thanks for the information, I am doing my research and found many favorable articles, but like to get input from real owners that use their vehicle everyday...
  5. Rubicon Diesel Test Drive (3rd time)

    Thank you all for your input. You all make some valid points and I will be sure to drive on some hilly roads or steady up hill roads and set the cruise. My JLUR has 35s and drop to 7 on slight uphill roads and will drop to 6 on a real up hill climb so I will try to create that type of driving...
  6. Rubicon Diesel Test Drive (3rd time)

    Not bashing the JLURD at all. Actually trying to convince myself to buy one. My 2018 JLUR with 36K miles has been great with no issues but at the 3 year mark I am testing the waters for another vehicle. I want a diesel and so far I have test driven 3 JLURDs, but it has not wow'd me as I...
  7. Who else daily drives a beater??

    ha ha, my JLUR is my beater:CWL:
  8. My displeasure with the Owners Manual

    I agree, been around cars for a while but I thought all the buttons are self-explanatory, nonetheless I always read the manual for tips and hidden features, PDF online version makes it really easy to search what you are looking for
  9. 999,999

    still doesn't make sense to me but I started getting the 999999 reading when my start/stop battery started to fail, after battery replacement I have not seen that display.
  10. Yes this happened in NY today

    Not sure, it is a JK model so probably a 3.6
  11. Yes this happened in NY today

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
  12. How long does it take for an oil change at the Jeep dealer?

    depends on the dealership, the one I use has a express no appointment required oil change and rotation, usually about 45 minutes, and so far with 37k miles they did it correctly each time...
  13. Weight of 35” wheel/tire combo average?

    doesn't make sense spec wise, 33s are 51 lbs each 35s are 65 lbs each, 60 lbs more weight should not provide better gas mileage, my switch to 35s resulted in 1 to 2 mpg loss, with calibration...
  14. Anyone able to make freedom panels for the rear seats on the hard top roofs

    I agree, 2 panels proved to be a pain in the Azz for me, but the sunride fixed that...
  15. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    thats not a bad idea, I really like my rubicon and would probably keep it and really outfit it with all the camping and off road stuff I need winch, roof top tent etc., and just use the G550 as a comfy long distance and going out to dinner SUV...
  16. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    my 2018 JLUR will be 3 years old in about 10 days. 37k miles, replaced start stop battery, other then that its been trouble free, I'm not big into the accessories more then functional items, 35 inch tires with remap, clear bra, bestow sun-rider, etc. Its been a good vehicle, but I kinda have...
  17. Oil change: 1 yr but maintenance monitor says

    it may factor in time, but the time factor is probably much longer then wear and tear. We just took a 1982 Porsche 911 out of storage. Car has been stored for close to 8 years in a climate controlled area. Prior to storage, all fluids were changed and the vehicle was pushed (not started) into...
  18. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    sure is pricey, about 3 times the price of the regular windshield