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  1. Sports on stock wheels with spacers post pics

    Hey thanks! Yeah I had rubicon suspension at that time. I really liked that setup.
  2. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    Yeah it’s beneficial that’s for sure. I need to swap transfer cases then figure out what to do with axles.
  3. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    No I haven’t done the swap yet. This is something I need to add to the list of things to get done.
  4. It's just a sport

    I can imagine! What trails did you do? I’m back in Ohio now but I’d love to get back down there and finish up the rest of the trails. It was a really cool place that you can camp wherever you want and hit all the trails.
  5. Rear Camera Not Working - Blue Screen

    37x12.50r17, I used the top spot. For the 315’s the middle option would probably work. I’d mount it up loosely and check your clearances before you torque everything down.
  6. My friends warned me...

    I got mine trying to be practical for year round weather and some top and doors off fun. A year and a half later 3.5” lift and 37’s. And of course many future mods to come.
  7. Rear Camera Not Working - Blue Screen

    You need to use a hammer to hit the studs and use the screwdriver to push the camera out. Work them both out simultaneously. What happened for me was I knocked the studs all the way out but the camera stayed in damaging the wire and camera. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the camera comes out with...
  8. Rear Camera Not Working - Blue Screen

    To keep it working, use a small flat head screwdriver in the spot that the stock camera cover went into while pushing everything else out. I’d recommend taking your time so you don’t have an added cost the camera stuff cost me an extra $130 or so on top of the carrier price.
  9. Rear sway bar removal?

    I wonder if something is making contact somewhere it shouldn’t. It looks like your left rear shock still has plenty of travel, if your bump stops aren’t stopping the rear axle I’d imagine something else is stopping it. Unless this wasn’t quite fully flexed. I wonder if the track bar or sway bar...
  10. How bad is registration in your area?

    I lost my license plate and with the bureau’s closed, mine is free :LOL:
  11. Rear Camera Not Working - Blue Screen

    Yes my backup camera is finally fixed! The part number is 68432105AB I ordered from
  12. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    Auto transfer case part number: 68240441AA Manual transfer case part number: 68321888AA With different part numbers I would think something is different but I'm not sure.
  13. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    If they are the same I paid more for a manual t case than what an auto t case was selling for.
  14. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    I’m not sure but I think I’ve read on here it’s a difference in the spline count.
  15. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    I believe theirs a difference between auto and manual.
  16. Rear Camera Not Working - Blue Screen

    My screen is all black instead of blue and says “camera system unavailable”. I also installed the alpha tire carrier but I know the outer layer of the camera cable snapped open when I was installing the tire carrier. I used a voltmeter and was getting 10.2V-10.3V steadily across the wire so I...
  17. Ohio beginner trails

    Great news @TScottG @2CLE1LIFE6 I can make it Saturday. We are planning myself and a gladiator. What time do you guys want to meet?
  18. Installing Rock Krawler kit, can I do it?

    You can do it, jeeps are fun to work on in general they’re very simple. A lot of good information in previous posts, to add to it I’d recommend double checking that you have every tool for the job before you start. I believe the track bar jam nut is 1-5/16”. Another thing to add is since this...
  19. Canada - Alberta re-listing

    Good to know I’ll keep that in mind.
  20. Canada - Alberta re-listing

    Ok I haven’t checked the part numbers. I’ve heard both sides, that they are the same and that they’re different. Aftermarket is still probably worth it regardless.