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  1. (for those living in snow only): how often do you take your rig to the car wash in the winter?

    Mine is black too. Here it is the day after I bought it: And here it is shortly after going through a car wash: It goes through the car wash every month or so whether it needs it or not. One reason I like black is that you can really see where the dirt is!
  2. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    As to the snow question.....mine sits outside all the time. Over the last week it has had up to 10" - 12" of snow on it with no issues. I'll let you know in 10 or 12 years if there have been issues with sitting outside. Hey dustdriver, I saw a Jeep that looked a lot like yours up on the hill...
  3. 2.0 etorque premium fuel?

    The owners manual states premium is preferred, but the engine will run on regular. I only run regular in mine and you can see my hand calc'd average below....regular runs good for me. However, if I was towing or running hard in very hot weather, I would change to premium. As far as...
  4. Bantam Jeep Festival 2021 - registration open!

    That looks like a hoot! Many years ago I made the pilgrimage to Butler. Every true Jeep enthusiast should go there at least once to see where it all started.
  5. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Probably the best post ever on this forum. This guy gets it!
  6. 3.6 WITH Etorque vs. 2.0 Turbo (no Etorque)

    FWIW, I owned s 3.6 manual 2dr and loved it. No complaints with power or economy. I currently own a 2.0L 4dt with an auto and love it also. The differences I see are the 3.6 was better off idle and the 2.0L is better mid range....think passing on a 2 lane. But neither was better or worse...
  7. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    The first Rubicon I saw on a lot back in '03 was a base Rubicon. It had vinyl seats, no cruise, no AC, no tilt wheel, a a manual transmission, and no power windows.....with a soft top only. My wife did not want one w/o AC so we passed and bought one with AC. If they offered one today, they...
  8. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    Decided to delete my post......and let Mark Twain make my reply concerning IFS on a Jeep. “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
  9. Mopar LCA swap

    The FS2020 code no longer seems to work. Does anyone have any insight into another that might work. These are available from several different places, but shipping seems to be $35 -$56. Doesn't make much sense to order online...
  10. Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

    One of the greatest songs ever.
  11. JL Wrangler Front Windshield Defrost: Please file NHTSA Vehicle Safety Complaint

    Mine seems to work fine. I wish my CJs would have worked 1/2 as good. There is no need to carry a towel to. wipe the windshield on the inside like was needed in the old days. But you all probably don't care much about the "old days."
  12. I’m Confused with Jeep’s Standard Options- Assistance Sought

    Looking at the list of your vehicles, I think I understand your issue.....
  13. Mein Gott, what have I done (No option Wrangler)

    Good advice! The stock Pmetric tires do not last long even on gravel roads. My last JL was one equipped exactly like yours, except it did have a LSD. It was the 2nd best Jeep I've owned.
  14. JLU (non-Rubicon) 4H Juddering while turning at slow Speed

    I did not know "judder," a verb, is an actual word. Amazing what you learn sometimes.....
  15. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I really like those 2 doors!
  16. How is the soft top in the winter? (real winter)

    On both of my JLs, a strong sidewind will/would cause the top to separate from the sides. It. is the nature of the design I think. It can either be easy to operate or leak free. I like it to be easy to operate. I also run mine through the car wash once or twice a month......brushes and...
  17. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    Black and favorite Jeep two tone combo. Mine looks just like that now!