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  1. Front camera option worth it?

    You need the led lighting and the 8.4 radio to get the front trailcam
  2. Front camera option worth it?

    Thanks that's good to know.
  3. Front camera option worth it?

    Does anyone have experience with the front camera? I'll be ordering a new JL soon and I'm considering getting the front camera. Is it worth the money? My main concern is when you're climbing a steep hill and all you can see is the sky is that what you are going to see on the camera or will you...
  4. Clutch recall problems

    Is anyone else having problems getting their JL fixed? My Jeep has been sitting at the dealership for a month and the still have no idea when they're going to get the part to fix it. Apparently it an external hose on the transmission that leaks and can cause a fire. Mine was leaking and is...
  5. Where's the love for the 2dr JL

    No Diesel for the 2dr. I have a bad feeling the days of the 2dr Wangler may be coming to an end. When I bought my JL, I wanted a 2dr soft top manual transmission. My dealer had to get my JL from an out of state dealer. I haven't seen a 2dr on their lot for months and this is a large dealership...
  6. Dashboard covers

    I recently purchased a dashboard cover my JL. Now my dash is the same as the body-color of my Jeep. I think this the way JL's should come from the factory. You can buy one on eBay for about $40. Installation takes about 10 minutes. The fit and finish are excellent. The only colors I've seen...
  7. Dasaita Radio

    Has anyone owned or know anything about the Dasaita 9-inch android radio for the Wrangler JL. Is it compatible, any problems?
  8. Hit a Bump Almost Died

    Check the track bar mount on the frame. JL's have been known to have bad welds on them. Rusty's off road sells a track bar mount brace for $99. It would be a good idea to put one of these on.
  9. It's happening! JL Wrangler EcoDiesel debuts September 26!

    FCA should get the rights to use the 5.0 Cummins since Nissan is no longer going to use it. 310 hp and 555ft lb torque and the best part is it's a Cummins not a junk Italian engine.
  10. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    I haven't had any steering issues with my JL and I have a 2.5 inch lift and 35-inch tires. I went to the dealer for my free oil change and they also changed the damper. I haven't noticed any change in the way it drives. I don't think that's the solution to the problem. I think the problem is the...
  11. Whats your gas mileage?

    My 2dr JL 6spd manual is averaging 21mpg and has a 2.5inch lift and 35-inch tires. With my bumper, winch, and other mods it weighs 300lbs more than stock
  12. From JK to JL....

    I was able to take some parts off my JK and put them on my JL. Front Smittybuilt I had Two JK's I loved them both, but they do not compare to my JL it's that much better. I get 3 mpg more on my JL with 35" tires than my JK's did with the stock 32" tires I average 21mpg. I was also able to put...
  13. Shock Installation

    That's what I thought thank you very much.
  14. Shock Installation

    I'm installing fox shocks on my JL. I didn't pay attention before I took them out of the box. Do the shocks with the longer valve body go on the front or rear
  15. Well, we blew up our JL

    I would go with the LS3. It is lighter and more compact. Both engines are powerful, but you get more bang for the buck with the LS3. There is a lot more aftermarket support for the LS3 parts are more readily available and cheaper to buy. I also believe that the LS3 is more reliable it is not...
  16. Ok to put on 35s and a 2.5 spacer lift?

    I have a 2.5-inch spacer lift on my 2dr JL with 35-inch tires my rims are 17x9 with 4.5 backspacing. I haven't had any issues of rubbing on or off-road. I have the stock 3.45 gears and it doesn't seam to drive much different than with stock tires I still have plenty of power and I'm averaging 21...
  17. Mopar or Dynatrac 2" Lift

    I running 315/70/17 Milestar Patagonia MT tires. I have not regeared. I have the stock 3.45 gears. I can't really tell much difference driving it than the stock 245/75/17 tires and I'm also averaging 21 mpg. I'm planning on eventually swapping in Rubicon axles so I'm not going to regear these. I...