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  1. Soft top recommendations….?

    I love my factory premium soft top with tinted windows. It’s such an improvement over the JK soft top. Looks great, quiet, can be run in a few different configurations. Like it so much I’ll likely never put the hardtop back on.
  2. Doggy Seatbelt

    I had good luck with Kurgo.
  3. I am Looking for the best possible replacement battery for a Jeep

    Haven’t put one in the JL, but ran them in super duties. Northstar.
  4. Aluminum Steering Box - Anyone knowingly opting to keep theirs?

    2019 JLR, original box, 40,000 miles and the steering is great. Not going to mess with it till there’s an issue.
  5. Premium Soft Top vs Regular Soft Top - differences?

    It was worth it to me. I bought my JLR with the hardtop and just recently added the premium soft top. I logged a couple hours in both versions of the JL soft top before deciding. It was worth the premium when I ordered it and it has become worth it more as each day passes. I fully expected...
  6. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    RubiRed, that is GORGEOUS! Are you running any sort of lift or is that bone stock aside from tires/wheels?
  7. Great Lift Installation Shop in Wichita Area

    Awesome to know, thanks for the info!
  8. People suck......

    Sorry this happened to you.:( People suck. eBay sucks worse. I used to be a power seller on eBay for many years. Dropped them close to a decade ago. No longer seller friendly. I do still buy from eBay now and then, but I will never sell on their platform again.
  9. 2 Door versus 4 Door in High Winds.

    My experience is similar to Cosine’s. 3.6, auto, JLR. I have never had any issues in 50 and 60 mph gusts or in 30 mph sustained crosswinds. At 85mph on a KS turnpike with a 30mph wind gusting to 50+, yeah, you have to chase it around a little, but I never felt like it was out of my control.
  10. 315 Cooper SST Pros on JLR no lift

    Great to hear. I’ve run a bunch of sets of STT PRO tires, but all on heavy 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. I’ve got a JLR that is very similar to yours and am contemplating between staying stock and going with 315s or adding a lift and going 37s. Absolutely love the way yours looks!
  11. 315 Cooper SST Pros on JLR no lift

    Looks great! Now that you’ve run them a while, what is your impression of the tires?
  12. 808 HP Demon 2 Door JL Burnout | Rubitrux

    That looks like a ridiculous amount of fun!:devil:
  13. Illinois WTT New Soft Top for Hard Top

    Is this the premium soft top or standard? Tinted windows?
  14. - Led Premium Headlights - Yeah or Neah? - What is your thoughts?

    I found them great in snow and ice. Yes, in heavy snow, they’re too bright and I prefer halogens in heavy snow, but I’ve been fine traveling in CO in heavy snow. In ice, yes, they ice over, but still provide what I considered adequate lighting. Here’s the light pattern with both headlights...
  15. 37s: Currently running 35s (K02s) with no lift, and love the performance and the stance. But what's the minimum lift...

    You could also add Hauk fenders rather than a lift. They claim you can run 37s with no lift with their fenders.
  16. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    This. Why does it have to be an either-or proposition? Barring it being horrifyingly different when I actually get to see one in person, I’ll likely get a 2 door to sit beside my JLR.
  17. JL 2dr Rubicon or SD 250 Tremor?

    Congrats, you’ll love it! Good looking truck! I’ve got a JLR I absolutely adore and just kicked loose a 2017 F250 with the 6.7 I also loved. Like comparing apples & Germany, other than they both have four wheels on the ground. Horses for courses. I put almost 90,000 trouble free miles on my...
  18. FCA lack of quality check

    OP, life is short, if you’re not happy trade them in. All manufacturers have lemons, yes, even Toyota. Ive been happy with my JLR, but if I wasn’t it’d be gone in 30 mins at a dealership for something else I’d enjoy. I’ve watched friends go through the lemon and buy back processed and it’s too...
  19. In case you're wavering on ordering the steel bumper option

    Advanced safety group would’ve helped. If I had ordered I’d have skipped it, but I bought off the lot and aside from the windshield real estate it takes up, I’m thrilled with it. I love the ACC for road trips and in town the computer and sensors have saved my ass a couple times when my own...