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  1. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Hi Deegee and anyone else piecing the system together. Sorry for the delay. You need longer screws for the brackets. M4x16 with a flat and lock washer worked fine for me. Now to find time to install.
  2. Florida JL Sport, Mudflaps, fenders, shocks, muffler

    Sorry, been busy. That’s pretty far like 9 hours. I will be in Tallahassee within the next month or so which brings it to like 2-3 hours. Just let me know.
  3. Florida JL Sport, Mudflaps, fenders, shocks, muffler

    Sorry I’ve been busy. I’ll find a box and get a shipping quote for you in the next day or so.
  4. Florida JL Sport, Mudflaps, fenders, shocks, muffler

    Everything removed from a JL Sport 2 door with <500 miles. Free pick up in Jupiter FL. May be able to ship smaller items on your dime. All 4 fenders/liners 4 mud flaps 4 shocks Factory muffler
  5. Jeeps and dogs

    This, I’ll try and take a pic when I get home. In my other vehicles I use the seatbelt latch with the harness but that’s not possible with the rear seat removed.
  6. Anyone lock the M186?

    Haha, yes very easy to get carried away. I wanted to see what the experience with the new axle locked was to try and bring myself back down to earth. Thanks again for the input.
  7. Anyone lock the M186?

    Thanks for the input. This is my first Jeep since my LJ Rubicon and figured some stuff would be similar but wanted to look into it. Not too many rocks and hills here in FL so I would say the strain would be less than other areas of the country. This is a “toy” and sees very little Highway. With...
  8. Anyone lock the M186?

    Thanks for the input,I have been tossing the same thoughts around. My only hesitation is that I would want to regear To 4.88 either way so add an extra 2k into the rubicon axles. At that point I’d be more interested in an ultimate Dana 44 front. Just looking into these “new Dana 30s” before...
  9. Anyone lock the M186?

    Just curious if anyone has locked the Dana 30? Going to regear soon and may throw in an ARB at the same time to save on labor. I’ll most likely be sticking with 35s And have the m210 rear. Thoughts?
  10. Full custom cage going in

    Sorry, not on insta but what shop is doing the work?
  11. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Hi Deegee, I ordered everything from PacParts and am slowly working in the install. The sub comes with universal brackets but the screws included are too short for the JL specific brackets. Just started assembly today but will update with screw size once I get to the store.
  12. Jeep JL Alpine System - Subwoofer Enclosure Size?

    I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly. A T20 is a T20. If Texgoat is on the right track that would be called a security torx. Or do you not have the bolt and need to know the length?
  13. Jeep Dog pics

    I love Jeeps and dogs. Here’s Kimber, the rear seat is removed just for her(2door).
  14. Looking for side mirrors for door-less driving. Soooo many options out there

    I second the Lange Coyotes. Love the look and quick and easy to take off and put on.
  15. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Haha yes. The Rubicon fenders add quite a bit of room. Well worth it in my opinion. Rubicon on the left and sport flare on the right
  16. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Here’s my 2020 Sport manual(hopefully this works). When it came home and than 1”spacers, rubi flares and slightly older rubi rims tires.
  17. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Great write up, I am surprised no one has commented yet. I will be doing a pacparts order to save some money. I know this isn’t a custom system but want plug and play.
  18. JLU Sport build Ocean Blue

    Looks good, anything else planned for the future?
  19. Which Trail Cover

    Will do, slightly concerned about customer service and when I get it but I will update this thread.
  20. Which Trail Cover

    Thanks again Rufus. I ordered up a half top, I’ll update once I receive it.